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August 8, 2018

The Day Twitter Died

Matt Haughey:

Over the years I started to get increasingly frustrated with the decisions made by Twitter. Every six months or so something would happen that’d make me stop and ask why I still use the site and I kept thinking of all the new voices I’d read and enjoyed that I wouldn’t have been exposed to otherwise. But the looming doubt over the future of the service eventually became too great.

Brent Simmons:

Last night I deleted all my tweets going back to the beginning of Twitter time.


In effect, Twitter is at a moral crossroads — and choosing the wrong path. The choice to allow Jones and his rhetoric to remain active on the platform suggests that there is no point at which a situation will become morally reprehensible enough for the company to take a stand.

The Verge:

Dorsey’s preoccupation with appearing apolitical blinds him, and Twitter writ large, to the fact that inaction and selective enforcement are political acts.


I’m tired of rationalizing my participation on this site. If these are the voices that @jack and @twitter choose to amplify… it’s time for the rest of us to leave.

June 6, 2018

Optimizing Web Content for the Apple Watch

When Apple introduced the iPhone, very little of the web was optimized for 320 pixel viewports. So the iPhone rendered pages as if it had a 980 pixel viewport, and scaled them down to fit.

In order to optimize for the 320 display, Apple recommended defining the scale and width via the viewport meta tag, and styling the content using CSS3 media queries.

Flash forward 11 years!

Now Apple’s bringing the web to the Apple Watch. The Watch comes in two sizes with viewports that are effectively 136 and 156 CSS pixels wide. Very little of the web is optimized for these ultra-tiny displays. So the Watch renders pages as if it has a 320 pixel viewport, and scales them down to fit.

But the Watch wants to scale all those viewport-optimized pages as well, so it ignores the initial-scale value of the viewport meta tag, and presents itself as having a 320 CSS pixel width to media queries.

So how do you optimize web content for the Watch? Moar meta tags!!1

<meta name="disabled-adaptations" content="watch" />

This disables the override and allows the Watch to present itself with its true viewport width.

*cough* Also, no web fonts. *\cough*


April 14, 2018


I went for a hike with my dad! (Recorded this one with Gaia GPS.)

September 7, 2017

NYT’s Best Rock Playlist for Apple Music

I wanted an Apple Music version of the playlist at the end of this New York Times article. So I made this:

I love playlists like this, and I realize there’s no lack of them, but I’m terrible at finding them.

May 18, 2017


A JSON Feed template for Movable Type using John Gruber’s new EscapeForJSON plugin:

Everything old is new again. Here’s my feed.