February 2000

Where to begin? New color Palms are out… Panic’s Audion is the dopest new mp3 player… EarthBrowser is a pretty nifty view of the world… this is a pretty interesting techie story. And I’m now working at MP3.com!

I knew it! Read this.

Learning a little Perl and more JavaScript to make the site a little cooler. Do not, under any circumstances go to see “Rules of Engagement”. It’s crap, pure crap.

Apple’s iTools changed their Terms of Service policy and are once again my hero. You may now feel free to visit my iTools homepage which, unfortunately, sucks.

Apple’s iTools has already managed to piss me off. Read the protest page, the Macintouch discussion or this individual’s page. The whole thing makes me more eager to use PGP full time.

Despite all this you should check out Bryce’s igloo.

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