April 2000

Holy shit I’m going to graduate! Read all about it! The official Revelle graduation page is online! (Note, we at iWalt.com do not condone profanity and strive to keep our pages rated G however this graduation thing is fucking awesome! =-)

As if iWalt.com hadn’t gone way too far, you can now make your Audion mp3 player walt.snazzy with a new skin! (See above.)

Looks as though the future of MP3.com is going to be decided pretty soon.

Uf! I just got back from the beach. Whilst playing touch football with Guardian folks and a couple kids I ran full on into a good-sized concrete garbage can. To call it a “can” does not even do it justice. It’s more like a garbage bunker, only it’s the perfect height to cripple your leg. Now that I’m home I can’t feel a couple of my toes. =-) Yeesh.

I broke down and bought the Star Wars Widescreen Edition yesterday. I thought I could resist but clearly I was wrong. Whoo-hoo! Meesa liken deesa moovie muy-muy!!

I just woke up from a 16 hour snooze which was very needed but has left me sleep exhausted. Ever get that feeling? Lots of dream-cameos as usual with long-term sleep.

Anyway, the portfolio page is pretty much finished, the sun god page had to be taken down due to understandable hype concerns, and that’s pretty much everthing.

I had to go live with the new site before I’d copied the form to the other pages. I couldn’t help myself. It’s so cool looking.

Thanks to everyone who’s been logging in and responding to the polls. It’s tons of fun to hear what people think! I hope to have more up soon.

And thanks to Ryan for passing this great comic along!

Something (I’m thinking Daylight Savings Time) has screwed up my countdowns on Navigator. (Still sorting that one out.) There’s also a new design in the works. Check it here. Working at MP3.com and extending my Perl skills has me moving away from Dreamweaver after about 6 months of faithfull use. It’s all BBEdit and Transmit now baby!

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