September 2000

Bryce might be out of the country for a few more months but you can feel like he’s already home. Check out the long-overdue Bryce In Australia page! =-)

Sharing and maintaining good lists of URLs to great sites around the net can be tricky business (especially if you lose your bookmarks as often as I do). Now, if you’d like to share a great site with the community, visit the new Links page!

So I called SprintPCS finally to see if I could get out of my cel phone plan without being “punished” for getting out before my one-year deal ended and they said no, but they would send me a free new phone. So I’m happy about that and in two days I’ll once again be answering 619.807.4829!

Happy Birthday Bryce! I had a big weekend, went to Magic Mountain with Tabitha (extremely hot), watched the T-2 special edition (best thumbs-up-ending ever), cleaned the appartment (ahhh), and installed Mac OS X Beta on my clunky old G3 (so slow). I could write more on any of those topics but I need to hit the sack. =-)

Curse you Apple! All I want is a freakin G4 PowerBook! Is it so much to ask?! Mac OS X Beta 1 looks pretty sweet though. =-)

Here’s a bunch of cool stuff. A web color scheme suggestion table. Amazing software for searching online photo catalogs. An update to the greatest text editing software for the Mac.

I’m going to be working on bringing a new level of cool to my photo archives by utilizing my growing Perl wisdom. So check back soon (hopefully sometime this weekend) for an expanded photo section! (Now if I only had some cool photos!)

Well, I disobeyed my girlfriend =-), but I think we can all agree that it was well worth it. (Well, at least I can.) The recent news section has been converted to the same Form-to-XML-to-HTML Perl script which runs the message board which has also been repaired.

Sucks to be this morning. (And even more so this afternoon.)

Aside from losing all traces of my cell phone my weekend went very nicely and there are some cool new aspects to the site. (Mostly under the hood stuff.) Check out the new message boards and let me know what you think. There’s still a bit of messiness around the site which I’ll take care of soon before adding more new stuff.

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