October 2000

I added two new features to the site this weekend. One is the iWalt.com Mobile Edition for handheld devices and the other is an improved private message board system. Check ‘em out!

Man, I’d like to play some games on a Playstation2 but the only place you can find them is on Ebay for $1,200! Oh wait, Ryan bought one yesterday at Toys R Us… =-) Read all about it at Wired.

Woke up pretty early this morning. Like 4 a.m. early. But I got to see a nice sunrise. Bright but drizzly. The photo I took doesn’t quite do it justice. Nice though.

It’s back! Lite•Brite has finally returned. I love it. Reminds me of a basement in Idaho. =-)

The big 24, XXIV, 11000… Much appreciated were the emails, cards and birthday greetings. Nice to be so loved.

I’m strangely looking forward to going to the San Diego Wild Animal Park tomorrow with Tabitha. =-)

Making solid progress phasing all the Perl out of the site and learning more and more PHP. The next behind-the-scenes step is to style all the text with CSS.

I slept for about 16 hours last night in a desperate attempt to crush the cold which has been plauging me all week. Work continues feverously on learning PHP and making a more dynamic and secure iWalt.com.

Started incorporating some PHP into the Welcome page. Which now means iWalt uses HTML, JavaScript, Perl, XML and PHP to bring you the very latest egomaniacal-driven web content. =-)

I tried Netscape 6 PR 3 for Mac out tonight. Still worthless. Prettier. Loads pages in chunks like Photoshop but slower. I’m sticking with Internet Explorer 5.

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