November 2000

I’m happy to announce the Polls are my first MySQL-driven web application. Yesterday I went to a Macromedia (brainwashing) seminar. Dreamweaver and Fireworks 4 look pretty cool but I’m bummed my name won’t be in the Dreamweaver credits anymore. “Sniff!” Finally, waltcode™ reaches both ends of the spectrum with appearances on both Mitch’s new message board and Nick’s new corporate website. is getting a fancy new backend database system in the next few weeks but in the meantime there are Thanksgiving photos to examine and a cleaner menu system. And, as requested, I’ll try to have more photos of me doing stuff online in the near future.

While stalking old friends long gone on the internet this morning (I do that) I came across a site I’d heard about a while ago but forgotten to visit. For anyone who ever wondered what became of Megan Kl— er… Smith and her husband Mark (many of us were at their wedding, seems like eons ago now) see what’s new with them. Anybody else know someone we know with an up-to-date website? Post it!

Happy Netscape 6 Day! Or not-so-happy as the case may be. It’s big, ugly, slow and doesn’t draw pages very well at all! Get it (if you dare) and look at It’s pretty funny. All the really interesting NS6 gossip is at K10k. All I can say is that Netscape has officially gone downhill and is going to have to play catch-up to IE.

Just a quick note to say that the photo page has been rebuilt a bit to give slow connection computers an easier time loading albums with lots of groups with many photos. Coming next, improved pop-up windows.

Welcome to’s live election coverage! Up to the minute reports from the leading world news website,! But seriously, though, click on the map on the right to go to a real news site. 8-)>

Click here to see live updates of the presidential race results! And get to your voting site and cast your vote!

Bryce has sent in some fantastic new Australia photos just in time for the relaunch of the full-blown photo page. I highly recommend checking them out. They’re fantastic. Thanks Bryce!

Tabitha left for some much-needed Santa Rosa time this evening. She’ll be back on Sunday. I’ll miss her. So this weekend it’s just me and baby! I hope to get the poll page back in working order, hopefully with some percentages and bar graphs this time. Remember, suggestions for improvements to the site are always much appreciated.

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