December 2000

Holiday Greetings from Santa Rosa, CA! My break has been quite nice so far. Lots of fun hanging out with the family. Good skiing. Saw a bunch of old friends. Spent the afternoon and evening in San Francisco, planning on doing so again with Tabitha. Good times.

Last weekend I rode my bike around the canyons near my appartment. This evening I’m going to Baja California with the gang from work for our Christmas party. Really looking forward to the announcements at Macworld Expo SF 2001 in a couple weeks. And I’m trying to keep up with improvements to

Spent some time this morning cleaning up behind the scenes. Rewriting the countdowns in PHP rather than JavaScript. Improving page load time. Fixing bugs on the poll page. (Please let me know if you experience any problems.) And standardizing some of the structure. Now for some sleep.

For those of you iWalters who are scrambling for last-minute Christmas presents for me (and I know you all are, right?) I think Wired’s report on the “Non-Lethal Tetanizing Beam Weapon” could offer some ideas. 8-)>

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