January 2001

Apple says my PowerBook will be in my grubby little mits sometime next week! “So happy.” Meanwhile I’ve been dragging my feet with the Super Bowl photos. They’ll be up soon.

Super Bowl photos are coming soon I promise and check THIS out! I’m soo excited!

Happy Super Bowl XXXV Day! There will undoubtably be photos from our San Diego shindig in the photo section following the game…

I was up late tonight doodling in Photoshop and this is the result: the first iWalt.com comic. Please post feedback.

iWalt.com proudly presents the beta release of a new and improved message board system we’re calling the Forums. Please take a look and feel free to leave your thoughts.

San Diego is covered in a fine layer of ash from the big fire raging nearby. In happier news you can now get your very own action figure or convince people you’re Australian.

Welcome to the new millenium. So begins the iWalt.com 2001 redesign.

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