February 2001

Being sick, a-sucks. Can’t work, can’t sleep, TV is invariably crappy. There’s never enough good food around. It’s tough spending all your time in your bathrobe.

Tabitha and I went to see “Twelfth Night” at UCSD’s Mandell Weiss Theater. We both felt it was an excellent production of one of Shakespear’s lesser-known plays. Some of the performers really lended to making the show a treat.

My new PowerBook is so much fun…

The PowerBook is so incredibly close to being delivered I can hardly stand it! =-) My love/hate relationship with Apple has completely flopped back into love. Now we must hope that there are no defects. (Or, as Ryan predicted, fire.)

The PowerBook is in the mail!

So, Apple, who sent me an email assuring me that the PowerBook would ship on or before Saturday, has done what Apple does best and NOT shipped it yet. Baby, why you gotta make me hate you? In other, more soppy, happy news, Tabitha and I had a very nice hike around Palomar State Park today. Sunny and hot in one area and snowy and cold in the next.

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