March 2001

I believe something changed in the way my ISP had PHP set up on their servers which affected the way in which PHP scripts referred to included files. This left me with the undesirable task of digging through all my code and updating the PHP includes to the new format. Instead of putting another patch on some of the more hideously out of date parts of the site, I decided to start fresh and overhaul the ancient (by standards) but very popular forums and tweak a few of the other (newer) pages. So a lot of the fat got trimmed off the site. And as it’s quite late now none of it’s going to be back up tonight. Just want to sleep now. But stay tuned. And don’t try to log in. =-) Those of you who logged in and didn’t click the “shared workstation” button should still be able to use the forums. The rest of you will have to wait until the site gets back on its feet again. In the meantime, just read and enjoy.

I went to get my oil changed yesterday, found the mouse I wanted to buy for half-price, broke down and bought Mac OS X, walked straight out of the CompUSA and straight into a Starbucks and installed it. =-) I managed to install MySQL on it when I got home. So far, so very good.

Mir is going down in about an hour. Track its firey reentry.

So, last night was a perfect example of what a raging insomniac I’m becomming. I planned to go to bed at 9 and had the perfect opportunity to do so but wound up not falling asleep until nearly 2 in the morning. In semi-related news I get more and more sick of everything that is (except the forums and the comics) every time I look at it. Really need to rethink the pupose of this thing. It was a portfolio site until work started, then it was a community thing, now it’s just ugly. That’s one of the reasons I’m hoping überdesign takes off.

The Habbo Hotel is my new favorite thing in the world. Check it out. Make an account. Add me to your friends list. (Search for iWalt.) I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Awww yeah! If this is half as good as Rob’s other recently released 4.0 product I’ll be completely stoked. =-)

The Sopranos is so damn good.

In case you’ve been thinking to yourself, “I wonder how well Walt’s taking care of his gorgeous, tiny, masterpiece of technology, PowerBook…” The truth is I just gleeked all over the screen. Note: Do NOT eat Girl Scout cookies while using your computer! In repentance for my sin I have sacrificed a small, helpless mammal at its altar and given the screen a gentle, soft sock rub-down. =-)

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