April 2001

So iWalt.com was the victim of a nonhostile attack which (hopefully) has been taken care of. Some of the forum messages were mysteriously destroyed (thanks to Sam for bringing all this to my attention by the way) but other than that everything seems to be intact. (And thanks to Rob for causing the attack and helping me understand why it happened. Now if I could just figure out where those messges vanished to.)

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but I’m not thrilled working with this dialup account. Far from it. Nonetheless, work progresses, almost exclusively with non-iWalt projects but work progresses. The Dude abides.

My nearly-24 year old girlfriend is famous! (You might have to do a search to find her.) And drastically more intelligent about all things sciencey than I. =-)

Why does Netscape 6 have to SUCK SO MUCH!?!?!

The login page seems to be fully operational. Let me know if you find any bugs. In related news, my computer kicks unholy ass and new life may soon be breathed into the G3 with Mac OS X. Also, Tabitha and I will shortly be trekking east for a birthday jaunt to the desert. Look for photos of the trip upon our return.

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