July 2001

July 20, 2001


The profiles feature has joined the ranks of standards compliant iWalt.com pages. Now all that remains are the login and forums sections. (The forums, incidentally, are a lot closer to being realized now that there are table style sheets.) So keep those browsers up to date. We’re pushing ahead every day.

Also, there’s a sale on at The iWalt.com Store. Save big bucks on CafePress’ newly featured items! The special prices won’t last long! (I disgust me.) =-)

July 19, 2001

Le Tour

You can’t be a Dickinson kid and not at least be aware of when the Tour de France is on. This year, TrekBikes.com has put together this cool resource featuring a sweet interactive tool with which to follow the bikers’ progress.

Also: the official tour site, sort of a weak offering from ESPN, and the latest from the International Herald Tribune.

July 18, 2001


Big day for Apple. Not as big as I (and most people I think) had hoped though. Mac OS X 10.1 won’t be out until September. No big advancements with the iMac or the Power Mac G4 as predicted. Only minor improvements. Oh well, we always have Paris.

July 16, 2001

Shithot Off Press

One of my favorite sites, Kaliber 10000, is closing up shop for the summer. It will be sorely missed. On more occasions than I care to mention, I’ve sat at my desk, mired in a creative no-man’s-land, and turned to K10k to show me something amazing, beautiful and different.

See you on the flip side boys.

“I’m dumb, she’s a lesbian. I thought I had found the one. / We were good as married in my mind. But married in my mind’s no good.”

— Pink Triangle, Pinkerton, Weezer

July 14, 2001

Sniffing Your Browser

I started tracking the id strings of the browsers which hit iWalt.com a couple months ago. So far we’ve counted 182 distinct browser id strings. Using that information, iWalt.com determines the best style sheet for your browser, and the site (or at least the new parts of the site) are formatted accordingly.

You: “Cut the crap Walt, what does this mean to me?”

What it means, basically, is that IE for Windows doesn’t get the CSS box model right (even in 6.0 Beta despite what Zeldman says) so depending whether you visit iWalt with a “good” browser (IE for Mac, Netscape 6) or a “bad” browser (IE for Win) you’ll get the same well-formed boxes and clean (but different) CSS style definitions. And for the rest of you (Netscape < 6, IE < 5, OmniWeb) get no style sheets at all currently, sorry.

July 12, 2001

Site of the Day

Nasa’s Astronomy Picture of the Day web site. There’s also a handy index.

July 11, 2001

Freakin’ E-mail

My two primary e-mail accounts, walt@mac.com and walt@iwalt.com were both on the fritz yesterday for some reason. If you sent me mail at either of those accounts yesterday please send them again. There’s no guarantee they made it though. Thanks.

July 10, 2001

Stop The Presses

I guess technically that term doesn’t apply to weblogs. Maybe “block the TCP/IP packets” would work better. =-) I’ll shut up.

So technically, I’m still working for TMP Worldwide (the company that owns Monster) but in a different capacity. It puts me in the position of being a freelancing consultant once again which has lots of pros and a couple of cons. I’m excited about the new relationship I’ve got with the company though. I’ll keep you posted… =-)

July 9, 2001

Ahh, Monday

So, I got fired today. Can’t say as I’m too disappointed though. For a variety of reasons which I won’t go into for a variety of other reasons I won’t go into. =-) I was getting worried that I was going to miss the whole massive-tech-layoff thing completely. In fact, several of the people I most respect in the industry have been laid off recently, most of the other people I respect run their own companies or are consultants. =-) So I’m proud to join the ranks of the tech-trodden and I doubt I’ll find myself any worse for the wear. Looking forward to whatever comes next as always. =-)

Quick clarification: The whole office (more or less) was laid off. I didn’t convey that very well in the paragraph above.

July 7, 2001


Last night Tabitha and I walked up La Jolla Shores Beach in the hopes of finding some of the red tide which has been reported in the area. Although we walked as far north as we could we found no evidence of any glowing breakers so we jumped in the car and took the windy coast road up to northwestern Del Mar. After a bit of aimless wandering through the sidestreets of one of San Diego’s more expensive-looking neighborhoods we found ourselves stomping on the wet sand and watching the bioluminescent glow ripple outward. After watching the waves crash and crackle their light for a little while we headed back. Today we spent the morning, once again, at Torrey Pines State Park where the post-Fourth of July Weekend crowd was out en-masse soaking up the sun and soaking in the ocean. I carried Tabitha on my back across a nearly waist high river which both seems to feed and be fed by the Pacific Ocean. I only wish I had video or at least a photo of the piggyback ride and the glowing sand.

On closer inspection it seems as though today’s outing has left me a mighty impressive sunburn on my face and neck. Mark my words, I’m going to die someday due to massive skin cancer of the face.

July 5, 2001

Ba-ba na naa, ba-ba naa…

Please let it be true.

July 2, 2001

72 Hours In NorCal

Two days after seeing A.I. my first impressions are that it’s too many great stories thrown into one movie which spends too much time developing characters and not enough time exploring the ideas it’s presenting. Distill the story down to its essence and you’re left with a fabulous short story by Brian Aldiss which was (one of?) the inspiration(s?) behind the film.

I liked A.I. though, I’ll see it again. It stirs up thoughts which day-to-day life allows to settle to the bottom. As for the rest of the weekend: no cavities, fun visiting with the family, enjoyed seeing high school friends in San Francisco, good movies at the Metreon, and frisbee in the hot Santa Rosan sun… good times all around. Thanks to everyone who shared some time with me.

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