October 2001

October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween


October 30, 2001


Ugh. This week. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s that the greyness has completely descended over San Francisco. I felt sort of awful on Monday. Today was better but still exhausting. I need to get a good night’s sleep at some point.

Tomorrow night is the Tenacious D show which I’m still looking forward to despite the fact I have no costume. (All indications point to there being a bunch of funky-dressed freaks at this show.) And Friday night I’m off to San Diego.

Maybe I’ll be able to rest up Thursday night.

October 27, 2001


I finally saw The Insider last night. (Thanks Rob!) Good movie, iWalt seal of approval, etc.

I had to return the Rio this weekend due to complications with it’s unpredictable and finicky battery. It had some issues with iTunes as well. So now I’m shopping for the next gizmo. Contenders at this point include the iPod and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P5. Any other suggestions?

October 27, 2001

Beep, beep, beep…

If anyone is in the area of Tabitha’s appartment, could you swing by and ask her to hang up her phone? I think it’s off the hook or something. It’s been busy for at least 18 hours. What did I say!? =-)

[Update: Tabitha’s phone is back to full working order!]

October 26, 2001


This first stab at an alternate color scheme is pretty ugly, I know. But it’s late. =-) If you have Mac OS X 10.1 check out the new gizmo in the code section.

October 25, 2001

I’m gettin’ old.

Thanks to everyone (Mom, Dad, Bryce, Art, Nani, Grammie, Grams, Tabitha, Rob, Nick, Scott, Sean, Rachelle, Jessyca, Sam, Elvin, and even you Ryan … and anyone I’ve embarrasingly forgotten) for such a nice birthday.

I’m very lucky.

October 24, 2001

Walt, v25

On this day in history: The History Channel, The New York Times, Library of Congress, Yahooligans, Internet Movie Database, Infoplease, The History Net, On-This-Day.com.

October 23, 2001

Five Decades of Dad

Happy 50th birthday Dad!

October 22, 2001

Rock on.

The music from outside on Market Street is so loud I can hear it clearly in this 8th floor office. Kind of nice though. Sort of a bluesy thing happening down there. Can’t see them out the window but I’m sure I’ll spot them when I leave.

My Dad’s going to be 50 tomorrow… Whoosh!

October 22, 2001

Another ashamed-to-admit-I-like-this-song song.

“Her name is Noelle, I have a dream about her. She rings my bell, I got gym class in half an hour. Oh how she rocks, in Keds and tube socks. But she doesn’t know who I am, and she doesn’t give a damn about me.”

“Cause I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby, yeah I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby. Listen to Iron Maiden baby, with me. Whoo-ooo-ooo-ooo-o-ooo…”

— Teenage Dirtbag, Wheatus

October 20, 2001

Hoofin’ It

Whoo-hoo! Tabitha and I are at an iMac cafe in a CompUSA at the moment. We’re hoofing it around SF… =-)

October 19, 2001

I am such a geek.

More and more I’m trying to consolidate my entire internet-based communication system into iWalt.com. The weblog lets me share my thoughts with anyone who cares to read them, the forums let guests share their thoughts with each other, and my evolving, behind-the-scenes web-based e-mail tool allows me to send, recieve, read and sort my e-mail. All through the browser, all housed on iWalt.com. Centralized, archivable, hand-coded, comforting.

Here’s another blog on a similar subject.

October 18, 2001


Apple says that they’re going to announce a “breakthrough digital device” on the 23rd. No one knows what it is but I have a feeling I’m going to want one. =-)

October 17, 2001

BBEdit 6.5

I love it when things get upgraded. Especially relatively inexpensive software that I use every day like BBEdit.

[Also: Apparently I was misleading in the post regarding my birthday present below. My birthday isn’t until the 24th. Tabitha gave me the gift early. =-]

October 15, 2001

Oh Thank Heaven…

…for A List Apart. Expect the URLs to change soon at iWalt.com…

October 12, 2001


Tabitha bought me a Rio 800 for my birthday (the big XXV) and it’s made my half hour walk to work so much sweeter. Yesterday I upgraded the firmware (mmm. firmware.) and bought snazzy, comfortable headphones. [Side note: I hate to admit it but I’m starting to warm up to SonyStyle.com now that it’s IE5/Mac-compatible.] Anyway, it’s a great gift. Thanks Sweetie!

On the Rio right now: Eddie Izzard’s Dressed to Kill, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Enya, Nick’s cover of Jamie, Weezer’s acoustical version of Jamie, Flower and Natural Blues by Moby, Daft Punk, and The Cranes. =-)

“You are the most, you’re so rad. You’re so fresh and I’m so bad.” — Jaime, Weezer

October 9, 2001

These Days

Rob and I went to see Training Day last night. I liked it much more than I expected too. Ethan Hawke didn’t stink up the screen half as much as he normally does. And, of course, Denzel Washington was fantastic.

Working on beginning my appartment search soon.

October 8, 2001


“UPN is producing Iron Chef USA with William Shatner as the host.” Awesome. (Or, alternatively, is there no god?) =-) (From kottke.org)

The new Megnut is pretty impressively coded. (From a tableless, CSS-based, POV.) Haven’t had a chance to really dig through it yet.

October 8, 2001

Still Farther North

Spent a lovely weekend with Tabitha and her folks at a state park 300 miles north of San Francisco. [Update: The state park was Richardson Grove State Park. Note, NOT the RV Park one mile south. =-) Not very crowded, fabulous weather, etc. Thanks to Sean for the link.]

Couple of movie recommendations: Memento and The Contender.

October 4, 2001


You know you’ve moved to the city when you’re woken by loud, continuous, jackhammering right out in front of your place at 7 am. =-)

On the plus side, the trailer for The Man Who Wasn’t There (the latest Cohen brothers opus) has been released on Apple’s QuickTime Trailers web site.

October 2, 2001


My San Francisco phone number is now active. =-) The voicemail should be active soon.

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