November 2001

November 30, 2001

I’ve met you, you are not cool.

From Almost Famous, you know? Nevermind.

The Bloggerwave has hit Scott. Who is very cool.

Oh my god, now it’s got Sam. =-)

November 30, 2001

Mac OS X-ing

I love, (no: that’s to weak a word, I lov, lurve, luff), Mac OS X. Between the prettiness, the scripting capabilities (I’ve almost got it to where I can verbally tell the computer to post the web page I’m looking at to my weblog), the fact that the system hasn’t crashed on me more than three times EVER, and so forth, it’s just painful to jump back to OS 9.

The only thing that’s really driving me nuts and making me feel like I need to jump back into 9 is the absence of a Mac OS X Shockwave player. C’mon Macromedia, get it in gear!

November 29, 2001


My dad’s joining me for the couch-moving adventure. Very happy to have him along.

There are a couple new additions to the menu. Nothing big yet…

Good ole’ Mark Daggett’s site, FlavoredThunder, has been redesigned. Usability-wise it’s tricky, but as always, very snazzy.

November 28, 2001


The view from Rob's place.

The weather in San Francisco has entered a downward spiral since Thanksgiving. The air has become markedly colder and the rainyness is just around the corner. I just hope that the nice weather lasts through the next two weekends for the moving of my stuff into the new place.

The attached photo is one of the many fantabulous views from Rob’s deck. More to follow. I need to remember to do a little photo tour of my daily commute. It’s tricky to get used to using the camera. It’s way too touristy to walk around taking pictures of everything. But I’ll get used to it.

I spent a little time this evening digging through Patrick’s code to rip off his CSS columnizing wizardry. I wound up realizing there were more things I should clean up with the way works before I start injecting new bits. Plus, right now, I don’t have the time.

November 27, 2001

Stuff to go “ooh!” at.

An entire, programmable computer composed entirely of biomolecules? Amazing. [Via waferbaby, which appears to have been resurrected. Whoo-hoo!]

Also, Nick’s brother Patrick has got a nifty new blog site up and running. Nice design, interesting CSS solutions (if only it would render properly in Mozilla), cool gift list, Blogger-powered, etc.

[Also: It’s funny because it’s true.]

[One more thing: The first extra-solar atmosphere was detected by the Hubble telescope.]

November 26, 2001 Translocation Services

Toward the end of my relaxing Thanksgiving break, Nani said something about couches that struck fear into the depths of my heart. It occurred to me that with recent developments in the housing market it was now high time to clear the couches (and possibly some of my other stuff) out of San Diego which means turning my calm December Tabitha-visit into a frenzied nightmare of one-way flights, truck rentals, and heavy lifting. It’ll be fun. =-)

November 21, 2001


I’m getting out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend to relax with food, family and Tabitha. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgivings.

If you’re looking for something to do, go play with uncontrol for a while. Ultra-cool little Flash experiments. [Via]

November 20, 2001

A Door Closes

Daniel over at waferbaby was in the midst of a redesign when it looks as though he lost his enthusiasm. owes a lot to waferbaby and it will be sorely missed.

K10k has pushed back it’s relaunch date for another month. This is leaving me with fewer and fewer places to go for inspirado. Very depressing. =-(

[Update: Oooh! It looks as though doings are transpiring at überdesign! I want a DVD!]

November 18, 2001

Return of the Photos

My room at the Habbo Hotel., once a photography juggernaut, featuring intercontinentally submitted adventure photos (thanks to our in-family thrill-seeker Bryce) and every-day friend and family photos, has been languishing in an era of code development and feature enhancement. I’m hoping to get back to the photos in the coming months, possibly with a new camera, new tools for user submission of photos, and new methods for displaying the photos.

One of the first steps to this process is enabling the ability to add photos to the weblog. I tinkered with this feature tonight, the photo above is something I put together a while back after buying some furniture for my room in the Habbo Hotel. (I spent like $3, it was fun.) Anyway, it’s cool.

Also, I highly encourage others who want to start blogs of their own to sign themselves up with BlogSpot. It’s free and fully functional, check it.

November 18, 2001


I think I felt this earthquake a few minutes ago. Rob’s whole place shook just a little bit. Pretty spooky.

At about 1:30 am this morning I realized that the meteor shower was probably in full effect and that the least I could do was to take a look, despite being in the heart of a city. Within a few seconds I’d seen two small shooters and a couple of seconds later a huge arc shot across the sky, turned green and then faded away just as it had come in. From some other part of the city a huge cheer went up. The air was extremely cold and despite wearing two jackets, I was cold as well. Plus it was frustrating not being able to see the entire sky at one time. I tried laying on my back on Rob’s deck. But the wood was wet and I became even colder. So I watched for as long as I could, saw more bits of space crap burn through the atmosphere than I could count, and came inside. It was awesome.

November 17, 2001

Your $.02

iWalt Labs has cooked up a little commenting system for the weblog so you can now critique everything that I say. This is sort of a trial run because I can see both benefits and drawbacks to adding this feature. So I hope it works out. As usual, it’s restricted to registered users.

November 17, 2001

My Place

Today was a big day considering I didn’t get out of bed until noon. I fooled around with the QuickCam and broadcasted some views out the windows of Rob’s place. Then Rob and I walked down to Polk street to have “breakfast” (which turned out to be lunch). On the way to the restaurant, I noticed that the building across the street from the local market had put up vacancy signs. I called and the price and term of the rent wasn’t too bad. I looked at the place and although it wasn’t spectacular, it wasn’t bad and fit some of my criteria pretty well. So I turned in an application and put down a deposit for the first month’s rent to hold the place until December 1st. So yeah. My own place. =-)

I wish I had a way of getting out of town to see the Leonid meteor shower tonight.

November 17, 2001


I’m showing Rob how I post messages to my weblog.

He is suitably impressed.

November 16, 2001


“Ever since I was a young boy, I played the silver ball. From Soho down to Brighton, I must have played ‘em all. But I ain’t seen nothing like him, in any amusement hall. That deaf, dumb and blind kid … sure plays a mean pin-ball.”

— Tommy, The Who

I can’t believe I’ve never heard this before. Awesome. =-)

November 16, 2001


As you may or may not know. I read and send e-mail through a web-based tool which I wrote in PHP. It sucks the mail from various servers and dumps them into the database. Then I can sort them and mailbox them as I see fit.

The problem with this little system of mine is that when I make a mistake in the code, things get screwed up. Today, after a little searching, I discovered that my software was doing a terrible job sending e-mails to people who have quotes in their reply-to strings. This includes my Dad who probably thinks that I’ve been ignoring his e-mail for the past year or so. =-)

Anyway, I’ll be going through the e-mail I’ve recieved over the past year soon and appologizing to everyone who may not have been getting my e-mails. is a learning process, and sometimes it blows up in my face. Someday it will be perfect. =-)

One more note: My address has been very sluggish recently and I’m fairly certain that this is not my software’s fault. If you’ve been writing to me recently and I haven’t gotten back try me again. Or try, I check them both regularly.

November 15, 2001

Hold On

I forgot my phone at home again and the old Palm won’t start up even with fresh batteries. Yesterday I almost killed myself while walking to work by stepping on a drizzle-coated metal panel on the sidewalk. My right foot shot forward, I dropped my bag, fell hard on my left knee and narrowly avoided a full-blown faceplant into the concrete.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride… =-)

November 9, 2001


It’s been dead around here the past couple days and I’ve been too sick to be particularly concerned. I’ve had a zillion ideas recently for advancements to the site. I just haven’t had a free moment to work on any of them. Most of them involve bringing back some of the old sections which were phased out back when I switched to the grey theme. Yeesh, it’s been almost a year. Sometime the polls, links, and hopefully the photos sections will be back online. But that last one requires finding the right camera.

November 7, 2001


Odd Todd lost his job and made a clever little animation about being unemployed. [Via MetaFilter]

All it takes is a click on the helmet of your favorite football team to donate a can of soup to those in need. [Via Jessyca]

Now you can quantify the likelihood of losing your job! [Via Rob]

November 7, 2001


I’ve got a cold and I feel pretty icky. I can’t feel too bad for myself though, I got an e-mail the other day which had been sent to my adddress by mistake.

“A few things have transpired this past week, and I am no longer able to attend the class in January. I have been exposed to Anthrax (through the Postal Service) and hence have no idea what the immediate future holds. My father has had a heart attack, and I plan to move both he and my Mom into my home provided that will be an option as he’s gravely ill.”

I feel so sorry for this person I feel like writing back something more than, “Hey you must have sent this to the wrong address.” But I don’t think I know where to begin.

November 5, 2001

Death By Toothbrush

Rob thought he’d almost cashed in his chips when his hand accidently bonked my electric toothbrush this evening. The toothbrush became confused, started to do its vibrating, toothbrushing thing. Which would have been fine had the plastic cap not still been on. The resulting sound was truely nightmarish. Rob thought his time was up. “Twenty-four years… and then the toothbrush.” We had a good laugh.

November 4, 2001

(Nearly) Back The Same Day

Not quite the same day but still quite a whirlwind tour. Thanks to everyone for making it a great trip.

November 2, 2001

Wish me luck.

And avenge my death. =-) I’m off to the airport.

November 2, 2001

Give me a ping Vasily…

Oh yeah, also now pings when new messages are posted to the weblog. We’ll see if we can’t drag in some iWalt newbies. =-)

November 2, 2001

Bless their hearts.

It’s as if they reach inside my mind, see what’s driving me nuts about my web site, and write wonderful articles on how to turn it all around.

I live to find sites as slick as this one. [Seems to work drastically better in Netscape 6.]

November 2, 2001


Spent a little time enhancing ye olde user experience last night. The login and profiles sections have both been significantly retooled.

The best new feature, I think, is that if you’re logged in… you can choose a skin for your viewing experience. Just check out the new Edit Your Profile page.

As always, please let me know right away if you encounter any bugs or shortcomings with the system. Thanks.

November 1, 2001

…Don’t know if I’ll be back again…

Oh, good. Now I can’t wait to get on a plane out of Oakland. =-(

On the plus side, there’s a gorgeous sunset thing going on right now.

November 1, 2001

It’s 11 o’clock…

…do you know where your children are? Now you can. Just hook ‘em up to this!

November 1, 2001


“A lot of people here tonight you’re looking for a band that you can believe in… that you can believe in…”

“Some came for music and some came for laughs. Some came because they heard that serious shit would be going down…”

— Tenacious D, Live at the Warfield, October 31st 2001

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