November 20, 2001

A Door Closes

Daniel over at waferbaby was in the midst of a redesign when it looks as though he lost his enthusiasm. owes a lot to waferbaby and it will be sorely missed.

K10k has pushed back it’s relaunch date for another month. This is leaving me with fewer and fewer places to go for inspirado. Very depressing. =-(

[Update: Oooh! It looks as though doings are transpiring at überdesign! I want a DVD!]

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Sam Oh

wow dvd? high tech stuff.. I want a dvd burner

Sean Peisert

I don’t know where to comment on überdesign, but it might be better if it didn’t bump me to every time I clicked on a link to a new page.

Walt Dickinson

I created a subject in the feedback forum for comments regarding überdesign.

Nick Runco

sorry. web standards or bust.

Rachelle Bowden

maybe if you get the dvd you’ll finally be able to see what nick’s girlfriend looks like :)

Nick Runco

oh, you’ll see her sooner - i’ll post pictures. she’s a hottie.