November 26, 2001 Translocation Services

Toward the end of my relaxing Thanksgiving break, Nani said something about couches that struck fear into the depths of my heart. It occurred to me that with recent developments in the housing market it was now high time to clear the couches (and possibly some of my other stuff) out of San Diego which means turning my calm December Tabitha-visit into a frenzied nightmare of one-way flights, truck rentals, and heavy lifting. It’ll be fun. =-)

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Ryan Enslow

You’re just realizing this now? Welcome to my hellish existance… oh on that note you need to check your email.

Sean Peisert

When are you coming down and do you need some help?

Walt Dickinson

I’ll be getting in on December 7th. I might need a little help getting the couches down the stairs and into the truck on the 8th (Saturday). I was trying not to worry about that yet but if anyone wants to volunteer prior to my calling everyone and begging for help, feel free. =-)

Sam Oh


Sam Oh

I meant to put ” I hope Walt doesn’t want the desk back”

Sean Peisert

If you do it during the daytime, then sure.