November 30, 2001

Mac OS X-ing

I love, (no: that’s to weak a word, I lov, lurve, luff), Mac OS X. Between the prettiness, the scripting capabilities (I’ve almost got it to where I can verbally tell the computer to post the web page I’m looking at to my weblog), the fact that the system hasn’t crashed on me more than three times EVER, and so forth, it’s just painful to jump back to OS 9.

The only thing that’s really driving me nuts and making me feel like I need to jump back into 9 is the absence of a Mac OS X Shockwave player. C’mon Macromedia, get it in gear!

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Rachelle Bowden

walt - i finally have os x on my g4 at work. i really like it too, but hate how you have to be in classic to run a lot of apps.. fwks, drmwvr, outlook, photoshop, illustrator, etc

Sean Peisert

Walt: It never freezes on you when you wake it from sleep? Rachelle: Then again, if you’re a programmer, not a designer, you don’t have to run anything in Classic. Finally got MS Office v.X and a contact mgr. for OS X.

Walt Dickinson

Sean: Nope. And it wakes up a lot faster than it does in 9. Rachelle: Yeah, I have Classic load at startup for Outlook and whatever else I need. I’m usually just using ConceptDraw and BBEdit at work these days. I’d like to play around with Illustrator 10 at some point too. I just wish there was a carbonized Shockwave plug-in.

Rachelle Bowden

Sean: I’m a programmer but I do a lot of front-end production and design based off the art director’s direction.. So there are a lot of apps that I use that are in 9. Walt: Mark has a lot more problems with X than I do. He’s on the same computer as you.. the titanium. I can’t remember X ever crashing, although yesterday all my 9 apps crashed. But I just restarted Classic and I was fine.