November 17, 2001

My Place

Today was a big day considering I didn’t get out of bed until noon. I fooled around with the QuickCam and broadcasted some views out the windows of Rob’s place. Then Rob and I walked down to Polk street to have “breakfast” (which turned out to be lunch). On the way to the restaurant, I noticed that the building across the street from the local market had put up vacancy signs. I called and the price and term of the rent wasn’t too bad. I looked at the place and although it wasn’t spectacular, it wasn’t bad and fit some of my criteria pretty well. So I turned in an application and put down a deposit for the first month’s rent to hold the place until December 1st. So yeah. My own place. =-)

I wish I had a way of getting out of town to see the Leonid meteor shower tonight.

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Sean Peisert

Congrats on the new place! The Leonids were spectacular.

Walt Dickinson

Thanks! I actually did get a decent show of them, I should post about it.