November 18, 2001

Return of the Photos

My room at the Habbo Hotel., once a photography juggernaut, featuring intercontinentally submitted adventure photos (thanks to our in-family thrill-seeker Bryce) and every-day friend and family photos, has been languishing in an era of code development and feature enhancement. I’m hoping to get back to the photos in the coming months, possibly with a new camera, new tools for user submission of photos, and new methods for displaying the photos.

One of the first steps to this process is enabling the ability to add photos to the weblog. I tinkered with this feature tonight, the photo above is something I put together a while back after buying some furniture for my room in the Habbo Hotel. (I spent like $3, it was fun.) Anyway, it’s cool.

Also, I highly encourage others who want to start blogs of their own to sign themselves up with BlogSpot. It’s free and fully functional, check it.

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Ryan Enslow

I will reamind you again that you spent time in an undecorated apartment at your computer spending money (albeit not much) to decorate an apartment that does not exist.

Ryan Enslow

… and now I see you took pictures… ^_^

Walt Dickinson

Hey if I could get a potted sunflower, green throw rug, blue striped wallpaper, minifridge, couch, endtable, and widescreen digital television for US$3 in the real world, I’d be doin’ a whole lot more decorating. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

i’ve had drinks in walt’s habbo hotel room before.. the view is very nice out the window too

Walt Dickinson

Rachelle comments like that are going to get me into trouble with my lovely girlfriend.

Rachelle Bowden

i never said that you were there when i had the drinks! i could have raided your fridge when you were gone! the tv was sweet too.. i cant remember what was playing… car race?

Rob Christensen

Walt, you should put up some instructions on how to access your Habbo Hotel room.

Walt Dickinson

I think my room is called iWaltPad. You can find it by searching the private rooms. Unfortunately, there’s no way to link straight to it.

Scott Yager

Walt, you still do the Habbo Hotel thing? I stopped when I could never find you on there.

Walt Dickinson

When they started accepting orders from international credit cards (making it possible for me to buy furniture) I got back into it for a couple weeks. Plus, I was impressed that they had added a bunch of new public rooms to the hotel, including a pool. At the time, I made this Habbo Tracker page which can tell if I’m in the hotel or not. I was thinking about making it cooler, so that you could enter the name of any Habbo you wanted to check on but never got around to it. Maybe we should arrange an party in the Habbo Hotel sometime. =-)

Rachelle Bowden

dude, we totally should! it seems as though a lot of us are already habbos anyway.. invite sarah! :) she was way into habbo hotel for a while..

Sam Oh

Man I don’t even remember what my login and password is for Habbo.. its be ages since I’ve used it

um… this is weird no one’s been comenting since 2001 lol

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