December 2001

December 26, 2001

Happy Holidays

From everyone at

December 22, 2001

The Ring of Power

Best. Adaptation. Ever.

I’m very interested to hear Ryan’s report on Lord of the Rings since he (more than anyone else I know) was concerned how it would be translated to the screen. I finished Fellowship of the Ring a couple days ago, and as I watched the movie version I thought about all the choices that were made. It’s impossible (especially with Lord of the Rings) not to make changes to the story in order to make it play well on the screen. I was amazed at what a great adaptation it was. Every choice seemed to have been made for a good reason and the result was a fantastic screen-version of the book.

So, to sum up, I loved it. Can’t wait to see it again. And there was even a silly trailer for Goldmember.

December 20, 2001

Life in the rainy lane.

Clay Street

I successfully hosted my first guest at my modestly sized matchbook of an apartment. Mark, my old boss from San Diego, elected to sleep on my two-seater sofa. Like sardines we were. =-) Anyway, it went off without a hitch and I learned a valuable lesson, guests like it when there are cookies around for them to munch on.

In other news: Tabitha and I are exploiting the “fly within California for $30 one-way” deal that Southwest is offering. I’ve got two flights scheduled in the coming months, both utilizing personal-days off from work and one taking advantage of a holiday.

Tomorrow’s the last day of work for a week for me. I’m off to Santa Rosa once again. I might take offline for a couple days to make some repairs to the underpinnings. Not sure if I’ll even have time for that though. =-)

I hope everyone enjoys their breaks. I’m off to see Lord of the Rings tomorrow night. Tabitha and Bryce arrive the following day. Whoo-hoo!

December 19, 2001

You’re Out George

A petition to have Peter Jackson write and direct Episode III. It’s funny, sign it!

[Also: I don’t like the idea of aggregating existing wireless hot spots and charging for access in 24-hours blocks. Hotels (and pretty much everyone else) should provide internet access for the same reason they provide telephones and bathrooms, people are less likely to stay at hotels or hang out in coffee shops that don’t provide some essential services free-of-charge. Curse you EarthLink.]

December 19, 2001

Apple’s Next Big Thing

Tee-hee! =-)

December 18, 2001

“First would be the crap about the kids…”

Just to get everyone into the holiday groove, I’m posting an excerpt from one of Steve Martin’s SNL episodes in which he outlines his five holiday wishes, and fills us all with the true spirit of the holiday season.

December 15, 2001

And how are we feeling today?

Moodstats (from the creators of Kaliber10000) has gone live. I’m so happy.

Tabitha would say, why would you want everyone in the world to be able to see a chart of your moods? I would quote the Simpsons:

Marge: So… you want to go on tour with a traveling freak show.
Homer: I don’t think I have a choice, Marge.
Marge: Of course you have a choice.
Homer: How do you figure?
Marge: You don’t have to join a freak show just because the opportunity came along.
Homer: You know, Marge, in some ways, you and I are very different people.

December 14, 2001


I voted in last year’s Monson Snowboard design contest. This year, as part of my “I-really-need-to-do-more-creative-stuff” project, I’m dusting off Photoshop and Illustrator and cooking up something I’d be proud to slam myself into the snow on about a hundred times. [Note: I will never get on another snowboard as long as I live.] [Addendum: Unless it’s an SSX snowboard.]

December 14, 2001

I’m going to regret saying this…

The Spider-Man trailer is awesome. Let the ridicule of my poor taste begin anew. =-)

December 13, 2001

I love the smell of impending doom in the morning.

Ahh, it’s a great day eh? bin Laden tapes being released, Israel cutting ties with Arafat, Bush withdrawing from the ABM treaty. World War III must be just around the corner.

Phooey. It gets worse and worse. (Okay this is not worse. A bummer anyway.)

December 12, 2001

The One Ring


Rob and I bought our tickets to Fellowship of the Ring tonight. We decided to pass on the Tuesday at 12:10 am show at the Metreon. It’s too bad because I’m sure all the costumed Hobbits and Wizards and Rangers will be at the midnight shows on opening day. But sanity prevailed upon us at the last moment.

In any case, I plan to have finished reading the book by then and between that and the trailer (and the fact that the movie is three hours long!) I’m completely psyched for the film.

Also: Good, great, right. If you do what I do (or anything similar) read this.

[Update: Bryce has just reminded me that he and I both hate Elijah Wood. This is true, and (for my part at least) primarily stems from Forever Young but it supported strongly by The Good Son (no, I didn’t see it but come on) and Deep Impact. However, he did good stuff in The Ice Storm (who didn’t?) and he just looks like Frodo should doesn’t he? So I’m hoping for the best.]

December 12, 2001

Yahoo! Bids for HotJobs

Hmmm. Yahoo! is after TMP Worldwide’s recruitment advertising market according to this C|NET story. [Via Rob]

[Update: C|NET updates its story.]

December 12, 2001

The Megway

Three of my favorite bloggers have unveiled their much-anticipated new vechicle which promises to revolutionize, well, everything.

You’ll have to see it to believe it.

[Update: They’re talking about it at MeFi also.]

December 10, 2001

Back the same day.


My Dad woke up in Santa Rosa at 1:00am on Saturday, took a bus to Oakland, flew to San Diego, drove back with me in a truck and was home again at 11:00pm. It was quite a day. I couldn’t have done it without him.

I’m settling into my new place, arranging my few pieces of furniture, washing my dishes, patching up some bugs. (The JavaScript error may be resolved now but I can’t test it on my machine. Let me know.) My Habbo Hotel room is getting dangerously close to being nicer than my reallife place. =-)

I’ve also been spending an annoying amount of time watching the Episode II and Fellowship of the Ring trailers. I really want both these movies not to suck. I’m thinking the first Lord of the Rings movie is going to be better than Attack of the Clones. Even Yoda is suspicious.

[Update: Ooh! Some Monsters Inc. outtakes are on the web!]

December 7, 2001

You think you know but you have no idea.

David Pogue has always served as a valuable disinformation junkie for Apple. Always singing their praises as loud and as often as he can. His latest piece on the complicated nature of interface design [free registration required] while funny ‘cause it’s true, only barely scratches the surface.

Also: Speaking of Apple, it looks as though Mac OS 10.1.2 will be out any day now. And it will support Apple’s forthcoming AppleScript Studio. Awesome.

I’m off to the airport in a bit to begin the big furniture move. Standard request of vengance still applies. =-)

December 5, 2001

Changes In The Wind

There’s some freaky stuff going on behind the scenes. I’m trying to tie more of the way the site is generated into the database. I would be surprised if there aren’t any freaky bugs in the next couple days. Please let me know if there are.

To see a sneak preview of what’s in the works, notice that you can now access the general forum from as opposed to the old style. I’m hoping to get more of the site moved over to this snazzier URL style soon.

December 4, 2001


After wozzling around the floor for a little while, trying to achieve the most comfortable sitting-with-the-computer position, I’ve finally managed to work something out. I need a chair.

Managed (somehow) to connect to Earthlink’s dialup service through my snazzy new phone jack. So now I can very slowly tinker around on the internet. Thank goodness.

Hmmm, maybe the next thing to do is take a photo or two of my nearly empty but snazzy new apartment…

December 3, 2001


Edward Tufte

I went to see Edward Tufte’s seminar on Information Design today. He studies and designs representations of multivariant data which communicate complex sets of data in easy to understand formats. All very interesting and a much appreciated birthday present from the folks. If you’re looking for something to add to your gift list, consider one of his snazzy books.

It was also interesting to hear that Tufte uses Philip Greenspun’s ArsDigita Community System. I went to see Greenspun speak (a while ago now) and was really impressed by his ideas about how useful the internet (and specifically, the web) could be. He created which is, in itself an amazing community resource about photography.

In other news, Nani’s and Dad’s iMacs are on the fritz. I have to pay $100 to move my DSL service from San Diego to San Francisco which is cheaper than just shutting it off ($150). Damn you one-year contracts! That’s about it. I’m still at work. It’s getting late. I’m going home.

December 2, 2001

Too Much Driving

Three hours after work on Friday I borded a bus for Santa Rosa. The next morning I packed up the Previa with stuff I’d left with my folks, and Art and I set off for San Francisco. When we got there it was raining, and getting dark, and there was no way to keep the entryway door open. So Art held the door while I unpacked the car myself, which was parked on the sidewalk since, hey, it’s San Francisco. So once we got everything inside we got the keys to the building, went to park the car in a garage, walked back to my building in the rain, spedread the lease, signed it, and collapsed on the floor. Somewhere in there I realized that my shoes had a large hole in the bottom of them and my feet were soaked.

So I changed my socks, we walked up to Rob’s place to get some of my things (and to crawl around underneath Rob’s floor to check on some leaking issues). After the crawling I decided to burn everything I was wearning (or at least wash all the insulation off it), and jump in the shower. Now, I wanted to get my bed down to my place (which consists of one regular twin mattress, one twin-sized piece of foam, and one king-sized comforter) but Art wanted to see a movie and didn’t want to take two trips. So we carried it all down in one trip and set off to the movie theater, buying dinner along the way which we carried into the theater in my coat. =-)

The movie was Behind Enemy Lines. I expected nothing from this movie and it somehow still managed to disappoint me. If I can prevent just two people from paying to see this movie then my suffering will not have been in vain. After the movie we caught some buses back home, picked up a few more things from Rob’s place, and went home to sleep.

We’ve just now gotten back to Santa Rosa and I’m going to try and catch the next bus back to San Francisco. (Hence the title of this blog.) =-) Once back, I’ll have a zillion more things to do ranging from laundry to freelance work. Whew.

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