January 7, 2002

iMac 2.0

iWalt on iMac

Apple announced their new iMac today. It’s a nice set up. Particularly the 700/800Mhz G4 processor in there. I didn’t see that one coming. Apple’s not going to sell any towers for a while I suspect. Where’s that G5? iPhoto was announced as well which is a snazzy little photo handler. I was worried when I didn’t see my camera on the list of supported gizmos but I hooked it right up and it worked perfectly. More than anything else, I’m so happy that Apple has completely discarded CRT monitors. And I’m pissed that “iCards” is still a global nav element at Apple.com (it redirects to iTools, why?). Anyway, I’m hoping to sneak over to Moscone tomorrow at lunch and try to stuff a couple of these new iMacs into my pants and then pull the fire alarm.

It could work.

[Update: I’ve switched the photo on the right to demonstrate how great iWalt.com would look on one of these snazzy new gizmos. If anyone has the means, I highly recommend picking one up.]

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Sam Oh

I really don’t need to think about Walt stuffing anything down his pants

Walt Dickinson

Well, you’re in luck Sam, it wouldn’t fit in my pants. It is darn purty though. But I have to say, in all honesty, the two that I got to drive had very wobbly screens. I hope that the neck is a lot more solid than my first impression.