January 30, 2002

Macromedia, Nooo…

The top story of the day over at Fucked Company is that Macromedia is the next company likely to be placed on the digital chopping block. And who may be swooping in to pick up the pieces? Microsoft. I’d like to be smart-assey about this and say that this is all because they’ve taken so long to bring Director and Shockwave capabilities to Mac OS X. But this is just too depressing. Microsoft owning Flash and Shockwave? Khaaan!!!


Rachelle Bowden

Nick and I have been talking about this today… i would HATE to use FWKS and DRMWVR if they’re Microsoft products! I’d rather use BBEdit and ImageReady or some other combination!! ahhhhHHH!

Nick Runco

we were?

Walt Dickinson

See, there’s this other person named Nick…

Rachelle Bowden

sorry.. Nick Dickey