January 28, 2002



I was contentedly spending the day working away on the computer when Rob invited me walking. The idea of getting exercise appealed to me, changing out of my bathrobe did not. Nevertheless, half an hour later or so I found myself standing in front of Rob’s parking garage. We zipped down to the water and walked out to Fort Point. (An old Army base, I think, which sits just under the southside of the Golden Gate Bridge.)

It was a beautiful day and later I thought how lucky I was to have spent my last two Sundays walking along great stretches of the California coast.

Yesterday I managed to get my apartment a bit more organized but it’s still got a way to go. Plus I did some cooking and washed and cleaned a bunch of stuff. I also did a little shopping and finally bought some CD-Rs so I got most of my files backed up which is always a stress relief. I’ll never stop kicking myself for the reformatting fiasco of the summer of 98. Ugh.

[Note: Photo at right by R. Christensen.] =-)

[Update: Don’t miss the link above. I took a bunch of nifty photos on the walk.]


Scott Yager

Yeah, you lost our Arizona pictures.

Walt Dickinson

Shut up! I know…

Scott Yager

Just thought I’d get in on the kicking.

Rob Christensen

Where’s the “Photo By R. Christensen” credit on the walt picture? Isn’t that illegal not to credit the photographer? Since it was your camera, then maybe you don’t have to… hmmm… who in the Hell really knows? ;)

Walt Dickinson

Rob poses an interesting legal quandry. But we’ll give credit where credit is due.

Rachelle Bowden

i like the treatment you gave to the picture :)

Sam Oh

hey i just miss the Vegas ones

Nick Runco

the vegas ones are there. i shed a man’s tear for the Phoenix photos. rip.

Scott Yager

We’ll just have to go again to get new pictures. Nick will drive.

Rachelle Bowden

i remember when i used to talk to you guys on the forums and all i had was that and the vegas photos to know who you were.. and i remember the picture of the foot (or feet).

i miss some things that were on walts site before he started at TMPSD.. we obsessed over that site

Walt Dickinson

Such as?

Rob Christensen

I agree with Rachelle. Nice job on the photo touch-up, polaroid-like effect.

Rob Christensen

Thanks for the credit by the way. I was sort of kidding but I feel better that I’d never have to threaten iwalt.com with legal action.

Sean Peisert


Rachelle Bowden

i remember there were tons of pictures of you and your friends and that there were fun little flash apps.. the one with the flying comments over the pictures.. we tripped out over that one