January 2, 2002

Way Beyond

Apple is so cool. This is the way to do marketing. I can’t wait 5 days!

Oh yeah. Happy 2002 everyone.

[Also: Holy cow! EarthLink installed my DSL line in 7 days. It’s already hooked up! I just have to recover the modem from Ryan! Whoo-hoo!]

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Rachelle Bowden

i heard that it’s a digital camera, still and video

Walt Dickinson

Please for the love of all things pure let it not be that. (Or: Does anyone want to buy a really nice Canon Powershot? =-)

Rachelle Bowden

As the Apple Turns has some good commentary..

Walt Dickinson

Where? I read it until I got bored (which didn’t take long because I hate that site), then I searched for “digital” and “camera” and still didn’t see anything about it.

Rachelle Bowden

sorry. .. i just thought their general commentary was interesting. the camera thing.. i dont know where that came from .. that’s what mark told me last week. i dont know his source.

Sam Oh

I’ll give you $50 for the powershot :)

Walt Dickinson

Rachelle: Ahh, I see. Sam: No. =-)

Scott Yager

Apple is a cult, dude. They’ve got you guys brainwashed.

Walt Dickinson

Maybe Monday’s announcement is Apple-branded Nikes and Kool-Aid. Hehehe.

Rachelle Bowden

apple should introduce a clothing line!