February 13, 2002

Berkeley Loves Tabitha

Yup, it’s true. Odds are good that Tabitha will be relocating to the Bay Area in the not too distant future. Which, of course, means that the scheme is going perfectly to plan. We at iWalt.com are quite thrilled about this (needless to say I’m sure). More as details emerge.

In other news, I’ve plowed through a rough draft of the Oscarmatron 1000. I needed a place to rant about the Oscars and all the ways in which they’re wrong while at the same time finding out what everyone else thinks. Don’t bother filling it out yet. It’s not done. But feel free to check it for accuracy. Thanks!

[P.S. I think Mozilla 0.9.8 for Mac OS X might (emphasis on might) be better than Internet Explorer 5.1.3 for Mac OS X. Any thoughts? Aside from the fact that I’m a dork who compares bleeding edge web browsers for weak market share operating systems?]

[Also: “‘Lord of the Rings’ is better than ‘Star Wars’!” From Salon.]

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Sean Peisert

Re Tabitha: FANTASTIC! That’s great news! Please congratulate her for me. Re Mozilla: I think Netscape is way better than IE for Mac OS X, with the two exceptions of speed in launching the browser and opening new windows, and the fact that it doesn’t completely work with united.com, as IE does. Then again, I still use OmniWeb as often as I can.

Reed Dickinson

Who wouldn’t? Congratulations, Tabitha!!

Nick Runco

i think the oscar thing should be a contest. do it like other ones, where you attach a point value to the categories and then the person with the highest total points is the winner.

Rachelle Bowden

yay! a contest! what do we win?!

Scott Yager

I agree with the contest idea. Although I haven’t seen most of those movies, so mine will be largely guesses.

Rachelle Bowden

if it’s not meant to be a contest then it will be interesting to see what the iwalt audience feels should win in each category compared to what the oscar dudes decide should win.. or maybe im just insane