February 28, 2002

Be still my beating heart.

A Cocoa-based, Gecko-powered web browser? Yes. [Via Macslash]

Behold the mightiness. Behold it!

[Also: Wired writes, “The iPod is perfect for virtual shoplifting.” Via Rob]

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Scott Yager

That is really funny, for some reason. However, I don’t understand why the iPod doesn’t let you copy music files from one computer to another.

Rachelle Bowden

i read this article outloud yesterday to the tech staff from my desk and they were all freaking out. funny.

Sean Peisert

You know it’s a PDA too, right?

Nick Runco

it does, scott. it just can’t via iTunes. it can only sync one iTunes database though one computer. however, if you use it like a hard drive you can copy mp3’s to it, put them on your compuer, and then reimport them into iTunes.

Scott Yager

That first part made no sense to me. But the second part did.