February 4, 2002


I musta been in a crappy mood earlier. Please disregard my rant. I’m easily annoyed when the “experts” dis my favorite company. And I’m conflicted about whether some 70s late night comedy sketches are funny anymore, or just rude. I’ll stick by my opinion that Mr. Show rules. Ahh, a comedic touchstone.

I was feeling better earlier because Tabitha called. That’s good. But then I watched Mission To Mars. That’s bad. But then I made tea. That’s good. But the tea was decafinated. ? (That’s bad.)

[Listening: New York City, They Might Be Giants]


Sean Peisert

I thought Dyna-Q was your favorite company???

Jessyca Wallace

No bias there, Sean… His real favorite is dokoni. Of course, he has no clue what we do here, but it can still be his favorite :-)

Walt Dickinson

Hmmm… I should probably say that TMPW is my favorite company. I can’t link to our website though because it <cough>sucks ass</cough> is so cool. However, I’m also quite fond of Apple. Without whom I would not have the pleasure of 14.1-inch widescreen laptop displays and UNIX-based operating systems ensconsed in a yummy Aqua GUI.