February 1, 2002


Market Street

I’ve been using Moodstats for a month and a half now. At times I get a little behind and have to retroactively determine how I was feeling over the past week. On the whole though I’ve done a good job of keeping up. (Spending $15 on completely unnesessary software will do that for you.) It’s strangely comforting to know that my moods are now quantified and stored remotely, becoming part of a vast database of highs and lows, loves and fears, joys and stresses. =-)

It’s been a year since he arrived in New York and redesigned his site. Now Mark has finally restarted his weblog as well. Check it. It’s good stuff.

I hate it when I touch my metal-cased computer and get a big fat spark.

[Photo: The view out my office window of Market Street this evening.]

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Rachelle Bowden

cool.. it actually reminds me of our view here.. what floor are you on? our view has many many more yellow spots, cabs…

Walt Dickinson

8th floor. San Francisco cabs come in a variety of colors.

Rachelle Bowden

we’re on the 6th floor.. and our cabs are all yellow

Scott Yager

That looks higher than the 8th floor. I’m on the 20th floor, and elevators suck.

Walt Dickinson

I remember the elevators in that building and yeah, they do suck. Our elevators don’t get nearly as much traffic. However, they have been known to stop moving and trap people in them. The fire department comes, it’s very exciting.