February 19, 2002


Invader Zim

If you’ve been living in a cave, two of the best shows on TV have been canceled. Futurama has about a year’s worth of unaired episodes left but Fox hasn’t ordered any more. And Invader Zim has been cut from Nickelodeon.

Now, I hardly watch any TV these days. I don’t get Nickelodeon and I usually forget to watch Futurama, but these two shows are better than 90% of the rest of the crap of television combined. So do what you can to save both won’t you?

You can start buy signing the Invader Zim petition.

[Update: Nick, who has never seen the show, has nonetheless picked up the sword of righteousness and signed the petition. Thanks buddy!]

[Further: There are currently, 38366 signatures! Good lord. I wonder if those can possibly all be legitimate. Seems unlikely doesn’t it? I also wonder if web based petitions like this carry much weight. The makers of Futurama encourage people to send written letters to Fox, rather than e-mails…]

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Rob Christensen

Can’t say that I’ve ever seen Invader Zim but I too am disappointed to hear about the demise of Futurama. Lets just hope the Simpson’s can keep going for another decade to validate the existence of network television.

Invader Zim is my favorite show in the whole friggin’ world. I have found Nickelodeon’s address and propose that we all send angry letters to them as well as e-mails and signing petitions. If you’re with me send the letter to:

Viewer Services NICKELODEON 1515 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Lets bring back Zim!!!!