February 5, 2002

The Super Bowl Ads

Rachelle wants to know where the Super Bowl Ads can be found now that AdCritic has gone the way of the digital dodo. Right here. No QuickTime though. Bastards.

Found via the Daypop Top 40.


Scott Yager

I was disappointed in the majority of the ads.

Rachelle Bowden

the budweiser ads (9 of them, these guys must be raking in the $$$) can be found at budweiser.com. They were the best of the superbowl. And the monster.com commercials.. wtf?!?

Walt Dickinson

I didn’t think any of the ads this year were particularly inspired but I did laugh at the E-Trade one. Glad they’re phasing out the monkey though. I got a kick out of the Kevin Bacon ad too. Thought most of the movie trailer commercials flat-out sucked.