March 2002

March 30, 2002

Apple Bliss

The glowing Apple logo.

Nick and Tabitha and I made a little pilgrimage to the Apple Store in Fashion Valley. I’m blogging in from an iMac in the store. Grin!

[Later: Thanks again to Tab and Nick for putting up with my insane need to finally visit an Apple Store. I’m bummed they didn’t have the absolute latest/greatest stuff there to drool over but it was pretty cool none the less. Now I’ve had my Apple fix and can go on with my life. For now.]

[P.S. Yes, somehow we did make it out of there without buying an iPod. But we did look at the box. And try out the demo. And wondered how many we could fit into our pockets and whether we could make it to Mexico before they caught us… Kidding!]

March 29, 2002

Doing my part since 1990.

Ryan, who has recently returned to the internet, shares this comic. My rubber band ball continues to thrive and is 12 years old now. Think about that.

March 28, 2002

Digital Legos

Ooh! Fun. A snazzy Flash-based Lego web experience. Best use of Flash, ever!

Warning: Extraordinarily addictive.

[Also: There’s a new link in the Photos section. Fresh photos, by popular request.]

March 27, 2002


Bless the Cup-A-Joe coffee shop at the intersection of Leavenworth and Sutter for providing free wireless internet access for its patrons. It’s freezing in here though. Time to close the windows. I am here for tea and because when I go home I have to do laundry and wash the dishes. That’s no fun.

Rob, whos weblog has been on extended hiatus for quite a while now, actually complained at me for not posting recently. So here you go: I had a nice, relaxing, do-nothing weekend in Santa Rosa. Next weekend I’m back in San Diego. (Can anyone pick me up at the airport Friday night? I promise I won’t ask for a ride back.) Not much else exciting happening with me at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.

March 22, 2002

There’s no pin in this grenade…

I guess it serves me right. My Googlebomb blew up in my face. Too funny.

[Update: has moved from second to first place. (Screenshot.) I’m so proud!]

March 21, 2002

The Web

I went to see Derek Powazek and Matthew Haughey speak last night at UC Berkeley. It was cool to get to hear two of the more “rock-star status” webloggers describe their process in the creation of their various webby endeavours. Such as Fray and MetaFilter. Definitely into trying to hit up more “shows” with cool speakers.

So, I’m reading Dave Winer’s bit on Google supposedly banning certain Scientology-bashing sites and I can’t help but notice that if you search for Scientology on Google right now the “offending” site shows up in the results. It’s the fourth one down. And it’s also one of the ads. What the hell? Also, read Dave’s story. It’s good stuff to know.

[Update: Ah, /. has the scoop on the relisting. Right on! I’m still freaked out about this Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act thing. Not because it will make it impossible to copy software and music, because it sounds insane.]

March 20, 2002

I do it out of love.

DAMN UGLY WEBSITE. Find out why.

Some less-sucky-looking college newspaper websites: The Stanford Daily, The Daily Free Press, The Daily Californian, The California Aggie, The Daily Bruin, The Chicago Weekly News, The Columbia Spectator.

I’m not saying these are the cream of the crop but there are definitely some sources to draw from in terms of studying what the competition is doing. Does anyone else have some good college newspaper website links?

[Update: Okay, now that I’ve had some sleep I’m realizing this is all a little cruel. And I apologize. But I stick by my assertion that the Guardian website desperately needs a redesign.]

March 20, 2002


Apple HD Studio Display

Thanks to Sean for pointing me to Apple where I was completely blown away by all the cool new toys. More on this story after I stop drooling, read everything, and calm down.

Prediction: Very soon there will be no wires running between Apple computers and peripherals. This means no plugging in your mouse, keyboard, printer, CD burner, speakers, digital camera, etc. Then the rest of the computer industry will follow.

Looks like this Wired story I was reading earlier was right on the money.

March 15, 2002

AOL on Gecko!

It’s looking more and more as though AOL really is planning to integrate a Gecko-based web browser into their client software. This should be interesting. [Via CNET]

Go get the 30-day trial version of Flash MX! It’s fun. And more importantly, get the latest plug-in for your browser. Right now, the server is overloaded.

March 14, 2002

I’m Feeling Lucky


So Rob and I went to BayCHI’s March meeting (use permalinks damnit!) this past week to see Google founder Larry Page speak about his company and the lack of innovation in his industry. He had a very low opinion of company leaders who lack technical skills and made a point against the practice of using the “latest/greatest” tools to solve problems rather than researching a more logical solution. Which are good points but in the end he came off as being a bit arrogant. I suppose it takes a certain degree of arrogance though to develop a project as significant as Google without it being erroded by business-as-usual thinking.

The leader of the BayCHI East chapter made an announcement about an event in Berkeley later in the month called The Design of Online Communities which I’m going to try to make it to as well.

March 14, 2002

And don’t it feel good?

It’s “all ’80s music, all the time” today. I’ve been surfing through iTunes’ streaming audio channels a lot more since I read that the U.S. Copyright Office is planning to shut down independent internet radio sites with the DMCA. Today I’ve settled into ’80s radio.

Can you listen to “Walkin’ On Sunshine” without picturing Jack Black making an ass out of himself in High Fidelity? Me neither.

[Also: Thanks to Scott for keeping the DVD database fresh by adding the latest disc. I fixed the link to the image. And I updated my Netflix list. Just about through with Netflix for a while.]

[Finally: UNIX Under the Desktop quotes a great little blurb on Mac OS X by Aaron Hillegass. “I can write Cocoa apps, PHP-based web sites, Tomcat web applications, AppleScripts or Perl scripts. I can use Project Builder, Emacs or vi. I’ll have my choice of MySQL or PostgreSQL to use as a back-end database. I’ll use Apache as my web server. And it is all free! If I’m willing to spend a little cash, I can also run Word or Photoshop. I may even watch a DVD…”]

March 13, 2002


No hot water this morning. Forced to innovate new solutions to clean myself. Using alternative technologies. Boiling water on the stove. Freezing in front of a lukewarm sink. All is better now. Off to work. More to follow.

[Also: Michael Moore narrowly avoids being arrested by the San Diego police for signing his books after 11:00pm.]

[And: Boxes and Arrows is new website focusing on bringing architecture practices to the web and improving the user experience. Which is what I do for a living. And it’s powered by Movable Type. (Which is a content management tool for websites written in Perl and super-cool.)]

March 12, 2002


I’m extremely disappointed with myself for not packing up shop and going to Texas for SXSW Interactive this year. For some reason, I thought it was way more expensive than it actually was. Too late now, maybe next year.

News from SXSW: a.wholelottanothing : CamWorld : Evhead : Wired News

[Also: Over at Yahoo!, “Let’s just say there’s never been anything like it on the internet. Or anywhere else.Please let it be cool.]

[Update: Yahoo. Your big surprise was a “sale”. You suck big time.]

March 10, 2002

Released The Trailer Is

Star Wars Episode 2

I’ll say this for LucasFilm and the Star Wars Prequels, they know how to put together a trailer. The Episode II Clone War trailer reminds me of how incredibly hyped the Episode I trailer had me. Another thing I’ll say is that they really know how to put together a battle scene. A battle scene in which very little isn’t computer-generated and no one ever seems to die. And the compositing between the “live” elements in the scenes and the CG bits is amazing. Simply amazing.

And apparently Jar Jar isn’t allowed to speak in this one. Anakin: “Hey! Jar Jar! How ya doin’?” Jar Jar smiles. Anakin: “What’s wrong buddy? Doncha remember me?” Padme: “He can’t talk.” Anakin: “Why? What happened?” Padme: “He pulled that eating-apples-by-snagging-them-with-his-tounge trick one too many times and someone cut it off.” Jar Jar shrugs. Anakin: “Bummer. Hey look out! Clones!”

March 9, 2002

Same To You

Great, great new iMac ad. Must… not… buy…

March 8, 2002

Warm Weekend

Muir Beach

It’s turned rainy in the Bay Area but the weather last weekend was excellent and Tabitha and I took full advantage of it. We both woke up early Saturday and eventually found ourselves on Highway 1, north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I had no idea such a nice area existed back there. Or that you could get to it so easily. So, photos were taken, and now they’re posted.

Photos: Marin

In other news, I’m trying to get a handle on all the little tasks which are eating away at me. I need to do my taxes and free up some space on my hard drive. And a bunch of other tasks which just don’t seem to be getting done.

March 6, 2002

Light It Up

9-11 Memorial

“Ethereal towers of light, visible for miles around, will pierce the Lower Manhattan skyline starting Monday evening. The two light beams, made up of 88 intense searchlights arrayed in two side-by-side 50-foot squares, will cost about a half-million dollars, which covers the installation, security and a lighting technician. Con Edison, the electric utility, is donating the electricity, which will be drawn not from existing electric service in the area but from a power grid once used by an Embassy Suites Hotel that has yet to reopen since Sept. 11. Six artists and architects collaborated on the lighting design.” Nice.

March 4, 2002

Flash to the MaX

Flash MX

Macromedia’s Flash turns 6 (I mean, “MX”) today. The software won’t be available to ship for a short while but you can read all about it for the time being. Or read this story about Flash’s origins from the Lego-loving guy who started it all or this interview about where Flash is going with the guy who controls its destiny.

My source at Macromedia says “MX” doesn’t stand for anything. I think we at should help Macromedia out and come up with something for them. Any suggestions would be helpful.

[Some ideas for “MX”: “Macromedia to the eXtreme!”, “More eXtensions.”, “Mass eXodus.”, “Moniker eXpendable.”]

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