March 15, 2002

AOL on Gecko!

It’s looking more and more as though AOL really is planning to integrate a Gecko-based web browser into their client software. This should be interesting. [Via CNET]

Go get the 30-day trial version of Flash MX! It’s fun. And more importantly, get the latest plug-in for your browser. Right now, the server is overloaded.

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Nick Runco

have you used it at all? i am attempting to under X on my blue and white. it seems quite apparent i need a ZIF upgrade.

Walt Dickinson

After the installer failed to properly install it several times through Mac OS X I went to the MacNN forums and read how you have to install it through 9. After I thought for a while about how lame that is, I rebooted my machine, installed the demo, restarted it again, and turned it on. So lame. Anyway, I haven’t spent a lot of time in it but so far it doesn’t seem any worse than it used to. At least in terms of speed.