March 27, 2002


Bless the Cup-A-Joe coffee shop at the intersection of Leavenworth and Sutter for providing free wireless internet access for its patrons. It’s freezing in here though. Time to close the windows. I am here for tea and because when I go home I have to do laundry and wash the dishes. That’s no fun.

Rob, whos weblog has been on extended hiatus for quite a while now, actually complained at me for not posting recently. So here you go: I had a nice, relaxing, do-nothing weekend in Santa Rosa. Next weekend I’m back in San Diego. (Can anyone pick me up at the airport Friday night? I promise I won’t ask for a ride back.) Not much else exciting happening with me at the moment. I’ll keep you posted.


Jessyca Wallace

Hey Walt, I won’t be here to pick you up, but I can give you a ride back :-) on Sunday.

Nick Runco

you aren’t going to be in santa rosa for easter?

Scott Yager

I’ll be in LA. Ha! This time I escape your fiendish ride-needing clutches!

Rachelle Bowden

easter is this weekend, not next.

Walt Dickinson

Jessyca: I’m going back early Monday morning so I’ll probably go Cloud 9. Nick: Nope, not this year. Scott: Curse you! I would have gotten away with it if not for you kids! Rachelle: Yes, that’s true.

Nick Runco

well, then mr. walt - i might have to join you for a little while. i think an übersummit is in order. that is if i can afford such a venture. (i got what you mean walt - even if rachelle is busting your balls. hehe)

Nick Runco

i could maybe even gice you a ride somplace? maybe….

Walt Dickinson

Possibly, possibly. We’ll be in touch.