March 9, 2002

Same To You

Great, great new iMac ad. Must… not… buy…

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Jessyca Wallace

No kidding!! Mitch and I saw this yesterday and we laughed so hard. I absolutely LOVE that computer…saw one at the Apple store the other day and all Mitch could do was shake his at my childlike desire to buy one. :P

Walt Dickinson

I think it’s the best Apple ad in recent memory. Way better than the iPhoto, iPod, iMovie, iDVD, iBook, and iTunes ads. (Man, they got a lotta iCrap these days.) I think the Ti PowerBook ads still holds its own though. Jeez, you’re just gonna so want one. Yes, Jeff. Yes I do.

Sean Peisert

Remember the G4 “Tanks” ad?

Walt Dickinson

Ooh, that was a good one too. I agree. I remember an ad for the Quadra which started out like a car commercial in the POV of the driver looking ahead. The voiceover talked about “responsiveness” and “high-speed”. But then the “car” seems to go off the edge of the road and being to fly. The camera pulls back to reveal that you’d been watching a QuickTime movie running on a Quadra. Very nice.