April 26, 2002


Fray Day 6

Rob: di is slammin’ right now
Walt: Do, do, do, do, do, do, di do-do.
Rob: hehe, way cool huh?
Walt: Squeek, squeek, squeek…
Walt: Dooit, dooit, dooit…
Rob: sounds psychotic
Rob: cool dj name too - DJ MachZero
Walt: Heh.
Walt: Mine would be DJ WheresMyShoes.
Rob: I’d be…
Rob: DJ YourShoesAreOverHere
Walt: Hehehehehe!

[Also: Fray Day 6 is happening September 14. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it this year.]

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Rob Christensen

I sincerely hope that no one at work reads this conversation since I was “on the clock” as it were. On top of that, I’m not sure this was quite as funny taken out of context. You sort of had to been there to get it…. or something. ;)

Walt Dickinson

I had to share it though since it made me laugh so hard. It does require a degree of “being there” though, I agree.