April 4, 2002


Rachelle is blogging the arrival of one of Mark’s birthday presents. A burrito.

Readers say: “It’s better than CNN!” Blogging scores another point against traditional journalism.

Happy Birthday Mark!

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Rachelle Bowden

walt, can you send us some burritos for dinner, please? please!?? and not “mission style” either. .

seriously this was a cool blog experience.. the request was made in a blog, the package arrived, the events were documented in a blog, people responded to the blog postings as the events happened.. it was awesome. i think i enjoyed mark’s birthday as much as him :)

Walt Dickinson

Like I said to Mark, what does that mean, “Mission Style”? I don’t think it means what I think it means. Live blogging is the greatest. I dig the people who blog Macworld keynotes as they’re happening. Or the guy who blogged the inital court hearing for the hacker who was on trial for cracking the PDF book format. Much cooler than traditional journalism sometimes.

Rachelle Bowden

“Mission Style”.. not what you’re thinking :). Mission Style is an Americanized form of Mexican cuisine, like “TexMex”. But where TexMex originated in Texas and mixes Southwestern American and Mexican cuisines, Mission Style usually refers to food originating in San Francisco’s mostly Mexican Mission District. So CA cuisine meets Mexican cuisine. I often hear it described as “Californa Style” or “healthy Mexican”. It’s not authentic and many times has ingredients that just shouldn’t be there. White rice in chicken broth? Portabella mushrooms? Eggplant? Also, I’ve seen it done vegan - enter tofu, more obscure vegetables, and non dairy sour cream and cheese. It’s just not right. Also, a $5 burrito can take you to heaven. Do not try to “fancy” it up and charge me $20 for it. I recently heard that New York City has the largest hispanic population in the country, so it’s incomprehensible to me why NYC cannot get the Mexican food right.