April 15, 2002


Up too late tonight building a first draft of a new gizmo for the Code section. It’s an AppleScript which calls the Google API and gets the top result for your query. Pretty simple but I’m just happy it works. (For the most part.)

[Also: 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510582097.org]

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Scott Yager

Ok…it’s driving me crazy. Must ask. What is the deal with all the Google stuff? I thought it was just a search engine (I can hear Walt now…”JUST a search engine?!?!”). Do I not get it?

Walt Dickinson

You mean, what is the deal with me yacking about it all the time? Or, what is the deal with Google as a sort of web phenomenon?

Brent Ashley

The really, really sad part of the Pi reference is that I could name the next 9 digits out of my head. The things you do when you’re young…

Scott Yager

The second one, since I figure that has to do with the first.

Walt Dickinson

I think people respect Google because it’s more technology-driven than other search engines (Google actually goes out, caches bits of the web, performs calculations to determine which pages are more relevant to which search phrases based not only on the content of the pages but the pages that are linking to those pages as well, a technology called Page Rank), it has a comfortable interface, and they don’t dilute the quality of their search results with advertising in the same way that most other search engines often do.

Walt Dickinson

Brent: That’s frightening. =-)

Scott Yager

Ok. I still don’t think I get it, though.

Jessyca Wallace

Scott: Google rules. They have principles and they stick to them. Their results are about integrity. How can you not love Google? And yes, Walt, Brent is scary, but that’s not why ;-)