May 2002

May 30, 2002

Testing 1-2-3

Tonight’s weblog entry comes to you through the iWalt Blogizer, another little AppleScript Studio project which ties into the MySQL database though XML-RPC. It’s pretty cool, and once it’s finished it will be a slick little tool for managing my weblog. I’ll share some screenshots once it’s a little further along.

May 29, 2002

Up Too Late, Again

Time certainly does fly when you’re putting the finishing touches on a tiny piece of software. I posted a new version of the Addisubtractifier, everyone’s favorite completely useless piece of software. This version is built in AppleScript Studio and uses native AppleScript XML-RPC libraries to communicate with the server. If you’ve got Mac OS X 10.1.x, check it out. It’s simple but it works and that means we’re ready for the next step. (Pardon the pun.)

May 26, 2002

Shop Till We Drop

Today Tabitha and I are in Mission/Fashion Valley shopping like mad for bits and pieces of summer clothing. Trying to find deals, spending as little as possible while trying to find the things we need.

Currently, we’re back in the Apple Store in Fashion Valley. Droool.

May 25, 2002

Sunny Day

Tabitha and I stalked a seal, made out like bandits while shopping in La Jolla (I bought shorts and sandles, gasp!), avoided sunburns through the liberal application of goo, consumed an impressive quantity of ice cream, and were fantastically lucky with catching buses.

Many photos were taken and I’ll try to post at least a couple of them soon.

[Also: VersionTracker, a site I visit frequently not out of love for its beauty or design but rather because I have a sick addiction to always using the absolute latest version of every piece of cool software I can get my hands on, has recently managed to make their site drastically uglier than its ugly predecessor. There’re lots of little changes worth complaining about that didn’t need to be made and uglify the site, most having to do with font styles and sizes, and the rest having to do with the fact that there’s just too much crap on the screen, but the thing that pushed me over the edge was that yellow “Pro” tab. Why?! We know there’s a Pro tab, it’s always been there. Why make it yellow? Why!]

May 23, 2002

It’s That Time Again

Can anyone pick me up from the San Diego airport tomorrow night around 9:15?

May 22, 2002

Way Back West

Lego Me

I’m back in San Francisco. We were only out East for about 36 hours so I’ve been back since Monday night. Wish I could have stayed longer or been able to visit Bryce more when he first got out there. But it’s, you know, on the other side of the country. And the road trip last year was fun.

Today, Rachelle is pointing to a Lego persona builder. An unpolished little Flash app but fun nevertheless.

My company recently restarted a program which helps us get books, magazines and classes to help us improve ourselves. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m looking for books in the Information Architecture, Website Structure, Mac OS X wizardy veins.

[P.S.: If I haven’t responded to your e-mail or responded in a half-assed way, it’s because I’m not fully back to my old routine yet. I’ll be using my whole ass very shortly.]

May 18, 2002

Bryce’s Place

Whoo-hoo! We made it… I’m being told to get away from the computer.

May 18, 2002



The Dickinsons are goin’ to Philly.

Bryce graduates from college this weekend a scant two years after me (he’s four years younger but about six years more mature) and we’re off to the east coast for a few hours to witness his transition from the warm freedom of college to the cold prision of slavin’ away for The Man.

(Not that I miss being able to sleep in until four in the afternoon, toast an Eggo waffle, spend 22 hours surfing the web and teaching myself the skills which would help me succeed professionally, pass out from lethargic exaustion in a pile of my own laundry and unfinished homework, and begin the cycle anew.) Sigh!

Of course, Bryce (whom you might remember from such lifeperiods as “The 8th Grade is for Chumps” and “How To Turn A Semester Abroad Into a Six Month Vacation Royale”) will probably continue to elude The Man at every turn. For now we can only sit back and watch what happens next.

May 17, 2002

Post Episode II Stupor

Get ride home from Ryan, check snail mail, go inside, throw snail mail away, place phone in the charger, pour the milk, smash the shreaded wheat, awaken the computer, read mail from PacBell, Nick and Dad, trash all the spam from Earthlink, read new iWalt posts from Jess and Rachelle, notice bug in the new weblog-generation subroutines, fix it, eat the shreaded wheat and go browsing for opinions of “Attack of the Clones”.

[Also: This is a pretty interesting idea: ThinkCycle. Applying the principals of distributed computing to solving social issues.]

May 15, 2002

This and That

Not having an easy time coming up with a title for today’s blog. Or a subject for that matter. I wanted to point out a couple of little refinements that people have started to notice. The forums now have some interesting stats and the profiles have some new settings. For example, if you don’t like that always spawns new windows for offsite links, you can shut it off.

I also wanted to encourage everyone to sign “the world’s biggest birthday card” by Nick. Very slick.

One last thing: I like Mozilla. It’s my default browser. Tabbed browsing rules.

May 13, 2002


Ooh, earthquake. Scary…

[Updates: Was this it? … It looks like it, a local news station just interrupted regular programming to assure everyone that nothing of concern happened. … Waveforms.]

May 12, 2002

Kinkos Sucks

I am in Kinkos right now. I am very frustrated. More to follow.

Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about what crummy experiences I had at two Kinkos locations today. In short, I think I’ve outgrown them and don’t plan to be doing business with them anymore and suggest that any fans avoid them if possible as well.

[Also: I think I had just a bad allergic reaction in Santa Rosa today that my body just decided I might as well be sick to boot. I’ve got a runny nose, sore throat, and I might even have a bit of a fever…]

May 11, 2002

Send In The Clones

Obi-Wan Kenobi

The tickets have been purchased. Opening night, digital projection, and a good crew of Star Wars geeks.

Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.


May 10, 2002

Sweet Justice


For the past three months, I have been haunted by an unspeakable terror. When Tabitha scored an impossibly high score of 412 on my Yahtzee game, I vowed to spend every waking hour desperately striving to reclaim the top score. I shortly got very sick and tired of playing Yahtzee. As anyone can tell you, Yahtzee is not about extraordinarily high scores. In it’s pure form, it’s about competing with others over the course of six or so games, managing your points, and playing the odds. In a single-player environment, all that goes out the window. Then it becomes about getting as many Yahtzees as humanly possible.

Today, I got three Yahtzees in the same round and scored 481. Booyeah. =-) The ball is in your court sweetie.

May 10, 2002

10.2 Lusting

Someone forgot to read the NDA. Drool… Jaguar screen shots. [Via]

Mmmm, Aquified firewall management.

May 7, 2002

Runstrong Reboot


Nick and the rest of the boys at Runstrong have outdone themselves yet again by relaunching their website today in sharp, smart, Flash. The pages assemble themselves with slick, sliding accuracy. The widgets come flying up out of nowhere and bounce right into place. And the submodule loading, oh the submodule loading.

May 6, 2002


Peter Cohen is blogging the WWDC developer conference keynote address in real time right now. [Via Mark]

[Update: And now it’s been slashdotted. Great.]

[More: Apple’s 10.2 Preview, Doc Searls, Derek Powazek]

May 5, 2002

Week End

Dib: “Wait, Zim! Promise me you’re on our side this time.” Zim: “I know not of ‘sides’ Earth-stink! But just this once I agree with you. The hamster must be stopped.” Dib: “Nooo!… Wait. Yeah. Go on then.”

— Invader Zim, Hamstergeddon

Oh, so tired. Eyelids, hurting. Brain… shutting… down.

Last weekend, my folks were nice enough to come down for a day and help me broaden my home-hunting experience. We zipped around and explored a number of craigslisted properties and some others as well. It was my first exploration since the initial one with Tabitha some weeks ago. Much was learned.

This weekend Tabitha and I were back, spending nearly the whole time hoofing it all over north, west and northwest Berkeley as we checked out place after place. The sun and the pollen tried to drive us from our quest but we were undeterred. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

[P.S.: Loved the origin story in Spider-man, couldn’t really get into the villian conflict aspect, loathed the “don’t mess with New York” fluff.]

May 2, 2002

Adobe Wins?

I gotta say… this is ridiculous. I can’t believe that one company can sue another company over something like “tabbed palettes” and win. Adobe did just that today. Does this mean that in a few years every company will have to devise its own unique method for displaying information in windows? I can’t even get my mind around how amazed I am that Adobe won. Someone please explain.

[Update: Rob shares Adobe’s very effective demostration of how Macromedia’s floaters mirror some of the functionality of Adobe’s floaters. And also a link to a very heartfelt letter from one concerned end user.]

May 2, 2002



Rob and Chris and I just bought our opening-night tickets for Spider-man at the AMC 1000 on Van Ness. We are excited. I, personally, have come a long way since the early marketing for Spider-man. The original trailer (the one that featured the World Trade Center towers) was one of the worst teaser trailers I’ve ever seen.

The first trailer (and to a lesser extent the second trailer) completely changed my impression of the movie. Now instead of painfully blockbusterish and lame it’s painfully blockbusterish and cool. I wonder if Spider-man will prove to be to Star Wars Episode II what The Matrix was to Episode I.

Only time will tell.

[Also: I feel Nick’s pain. They’re all a bunch of incompetent liars.]

May 1, 2002

Star Toys has some slick new homepages. (Thanks to Rob for pointing that out.)

In somewhat-related news: There are no good Episode II action figures at the FAO Schwarz in San Francisco. But there are a lot of lightsabers.

And it’s Art’s Birthday today! Happy Birthday Art!

[Also: Must… stop… thinking about upgrading Powerbook. Not… enough… moolah!]

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