May 12, 2002

Kinkos Sucks

I am in Kinkos right now. I am very frustrated. More to follow.

Ugh. I don’t even want to talk about what crummy experiences I had at two Kinkos locations today. In short, I think I’ve outgrown them and don’t plan to be doing business with them anymore and suggest that any fans avoid them if possible as well.

[Also: I think I had just a bad allergic reaction in Santa Rosa today that my body just decided I might as well be sick to boot. I’ve got a runny nose, sore throat, and I might even have a bit of a fever…]

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Sean Peisert

I’m just getting over the cold thing, too, and spent most of the past week at home. Hope it goes away soon for you, but this thing seems to drag on for a while. What evil is Kinkos inflicting on you?

Walt Dickinson

I don’t think I’m sick anymore. I think I’d just sneezed and sniffed so much yesterday and my sinuses had gone through so much hell, that it felt similarly to how you do when you’re sick. It’s been getting better today. Plus I had to recover from the bus ride back from Santa Rosa and deal with the Kinkos fools who kept me from calling my girlfriend before she went to bed. Grrr. The Kinkos thing is simply this: their networks are a mess, their policies are becoming Mac exclusionary, the people who work there don’t give a shit, and the quality of their output is low, very very low.

Rachelle Bowden

dude, you’re always sick.

Walt Dickinson

What are you talking about? I hardly ever get sick.

Rachelle Bowden

i dont know. i remember you being sick.

Walt Dickinson

Can’t argue with that…

Rachelle Bowden

let me see if i can get our IT guy to move my computer to stall #2

If ever your over the pond in London, Walt, come down to Kinko’s in Mayfair, London and I’ll prove were not all as bad- in fact we have a great British Pub next door where I usually take my customers as thanks.

yours, Big Al, Kinko’s London