May 17, 2002

Post Episode II Stupor

Get ride home from Ryan, check snail mail, go inside, throw snail mail away, place phone in the charger, pour the milk, smash the shreaded wheat, awaken the computer, read mail from PacBell, Nick and Dad, trash all the spam from Earthlink, read new iWalt posts from Jess and Rachelle, notice bug in the new weblog-generation subroutines, fix it, eat the shreaded wheat and go browsing for opinions of “Attack of the Clones”.

[Also: This is a pretty interesting idea: ThinkCycle. Applying the principals of distributed computing to solving social issues.]

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Reed Dickinson

So what’s the verdict/review??

Rachelle Bowden


Rob Christensen

Romantic scenes were bad - very bad. But if you can overlook that, it’s far better than Episode I and much more entertaining than Spiderman even in my opinion.

Walt Dickinson

Agree with Rob I do. Painful to watch some scenes were. Surrender his SAG card Hayden must.

Jessyca Wallace

Remember Peter Chang’s Yoda? “Look as good you will not when 80 years you reach.” Okay, so I hope nobody plans on divulging anything else about the flick, seeing as some of us haven’t seen the dang movie yet.

Jessyca Wallace

Oh wait, I think that was supposed to be “800” years…

Walt Dickinson

Peter Chang? [Also: The Matrix teaser, sha-weeet!]

Jessyca Wallace

Wasn’t that his name? He was an editor (or maybe not - he was around a lot though) at the Guardian in ‘96.

Walt Dickinson

What? Did he do a Yoda impression or something?

Jessyca Wallace

Yes, Walt. That would be the quote I gave following the question about his Yoda…this has gone way beyond being reminiscent and has morphed into some kind of weird memory probing…I’m calling an end to this conversation :-)

Nick Runco

that guy was like ryan olson with a banana republic gift card.

Jessyca Wallace

see, now i was trying to avoid getting mean. ;-)

i have a few other memory-joggers in my brain, but walt seems to work hard to keep a nice, friendly place on the internet…

p.s. i’m giving up on capitalization all together. i don’t do it on my own site, i shouldn’t have to do it here either :-) thanks, rachelle!

Walt Dickinson

You need to make with the updates over there. =-) It’s May!

Jessyca Wallace

ay ay, captain!