May 5, 2002

Week End

Dib: “Wait, Zim! Promise me you’re on our side this time.” Zim: “I know not of ‘sides’ Earth-stink! But just this once I agree with you. The hamster must be stopped.” Dib: “Nooo!… Wait. Yeah. Go on then.”

— Invader Zim, Hamstergeddon

Oh, so tired. Eyelids, hurting. Brain… shutting… down.

Last weekend, my folks were nice enough to come down for a day and help me broaden my home-hunting experience. We zipped around and explored a number of craigslisted properties and some others as well. It was my first exploration since the initial one with Tabitha some weeks ago. Much was learned.

This weekend Tabitha and I were back, spending nearly the whole time hoofing it all over north, west and northwest Berkeley as we checked out place after place. The sun and the pollen tried to drive us from our quest but we were undeterred. Please keep your fingers crossed for us.

[P.S.: Loved the origin story in Spider-man, couldn’t really get into the villian conflict aspect, loathed the “don’t mess with New York” fluff.]

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Rachelle Bowden

wait. walt, didnt you just move in the place you’re in .. not that long ago? oh. wait. are you guys looking for a place for both of you to live together?

Nick Runco

wow - i saw the whole curve of rachelle’s brain progression in that last statement.

Rachelle Bowden

so, maybe I should stop and think for second before I start typing?

Nick Runco

no, it was just funny.