June 2002

June 29, 2002

Home Soon

We’ve had a great trip but we’re packing it all up tomorrow and heading back to our respective homes. Lots of good photos to share once we’re back and some good stories. (I was chased around a little bay by some psychotic-looking fish today.) Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekends. I’m looking forward to getting home and (hopefully) jumping on the DSL to read what everyone’s been writing.

June 24, 2002

Greetings From Maui

Hey all. Hope everything is well with everyone. I’m in shorts and sandles this week. Trying to avoid sunburns and get in a bunch of snorkling. First day here: thin, deep, two inch cut on the bottom of my right foot. =-) Hoping that heals up soon. But since I use my feet quite often… Tomorrow: hiking, more beautiful sunsets, and definitely more snorkling.

[Hmm: Just realized I have no way to check any of my mail accounts at the moment. If you’ve left me an e-mail, I probably won’t get it until I get back but I may check in here again.]

June 22, 2002


Have a great week everybody. See you when I get back! =-)

June 21, 2002


When the gang at 37signals gets pissed at the inept and worthless interfaces and experiences they encounter on the web, do they whine and moan and develop expensive reports to justify their whining and moaning? No. They do the opposite. They do something creative. Something beautiful. Something smart. Last time they suggested a redesign for FedEx’s shipping interface. Now, they’re rethinking the whole concept of automotive web sites and the role of telematics in adding value to such sites. In the process, they’ve created something pretty darn cool.

[Also: There are two new features in the iWalt.com Sidebar. In addition to browsing my bookmarks and the most recently updated weblogs from Weblogs.com, you can now browse the top 40 links generated by Daypop and Blogdex. Check it out by installing the Sidebar from the Links page.]

June 19, 2002

In a world…

Minority Report

“No ‘in a world.’”

“What do you mean no ‘in a world?’ ‘In a world’ is our bread and butter. Test audiences love ‘in a world.’ The people like knowing a movie’s going to be ‘in a world.’”

“Steven wants something fresh.”

Really. Well I got two fresh letters for Steven: A to the motherfuckin’ I. OK? You tell Fresh Steven he doesn’t have a lot of leeway right now, and in fact the whole point of this trailer is going to be: This ain’t no Artificial Intelligence.

Behind The Scenes: The Minority Report Trailer. Hilarious.

June 19, 2002


Brian has started conceiving his own Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar. Awesome. (And he listens to DigitallyImported. Nice.) I’ll be interested to see where he goes with his Sidebar. Last night I finally patched some bugs on my Sidebar. The sorting is more accurate now and it’s more intelligent about finding matching sites at Weblogs.Com. I also added a new feature which displays all the fresh weblogs so you can now toggle between my list of links and Weblogs.Com’s.

This is giving me an interesting idea. If Brian and I both made our link lists available in some sort of XML syndication format, then we could both include the other’s list of links in our Sidebars. And if everyone with a list of favorite links did that… well you get the idea.

[Also: Doc Searls is pointing to a great idea on how to use the Google API to add value to weblogs.]

June 17, 2002


I spent a little while tonight installing MovableType on my laptop. If your server supports Perl and is reasonably customizable, it’s an excellent option. It’s way more powerful than Blogger and it seems more flexible in terms of templating than Radio. Alas, none of these options really seem to fit well for iWalt.com so progress will have to continue slowly on our homespun mini content manager for the time being.

June 17, 2002

Nielsen at Pixelsurgeon

“If something is unusable to even one person, then it ‘does’ have usability problems and is not the perfect design.” This man is insane and has to be stopped. =-) What about art Jakob? What about beauty?

This and more deranged ideas about usability from the self-appointed man himself at the Pixelsurgeon interview.

[Also: New version of Internet Explorer out today for Mac OS X. Unfortunately there is nothing impressive about this update. It simply activates the Quartz rendering engine abilities that were made possible in the 10.1.5 update to the OS. Fortunately you can turn it on and off. So I guess there’s no reason not to upgrade.]

[Help: Why in the sweet world can’t I tell Amazon that I bought some of the things I bought for other people? Why must it always assume that I own all these things? I realize that you can tell Amazon not to use certain items when making recommendations for you but they need to go the next step and make it possible for you to remove items from the list of things it thinks you own.]

June 16, 2002


Sneezy Walt

The weekends just kill me in terms of allergy attacks. Usually I can make it through the week by spending most of the day in San Francisco in an air conditioned office. Spending the majority of the evening and night indoor helps also. Usually just a few sniffs, sneezes and itchy eyes. Weekends are another matter. No safety of the office or the City. Just an entire atmosphere of swirling dust, pollen and pet fur raining down on me for 48 solid hours. I need a head-mounted air purifier. That would work.

This weekend I spent the sneezing time with the family up in Santa Rosa. Celebrating Father’s Day, watching World Cup soccer, seeing a couple movies… Zoolander and Vanilla Sky were both decent movies. I’d kinda like to see them again one of these days.

The only thing worth linking to this reletively quiet weekend is the official World Cup website, hosted by Yahoo. The U.S. v. Mexico game is being broadcasted through their MatchCast system tonight.

[Update: The U.S. team is currently up by one point. I’m going to bed.]

June 14, 2002


There’s a fire in the building next door. Market Street is closed for about two blocks east of us. Here’s a shot of the street and the trucks. And a close up.

[Update: Here’s the scoop. Something was on fire between the Four Seasons Hotel and the building next door. The firemen were having trouble getting at it but apparently they’ve managed to put it out. Crisis averted. The day is saved.]

June 13, 2002

When We Blog

What We’re Doing When We Blog: “As bloggers, we’re in the middle of, and enjoying, an evolution of communication.” Meg Hourihan writes the quintessential “what blogging is and why it’s important” article.

We here at iWalt.com have been blogging since at least the summer of 1999. The last version of walt.homepage had a reverse chronological listing of links and commentary, along side a feature photo which was usually related to the most recent post.

June 12, 2002

For Nani

A couple of weeks ago Nani pulled off a beautiful example of a classic Dickinson art. I wanted her to go with me to Kinkos so I wouldn’t have to do the whole “printing Bryce’s graduation card” errand by myself. Without pause Nani shot back, “But I was gonna go to Toshe Station to pick up some power converters!” With the perfect degree of whiny farmboy attitude. It was really impressive. I responded with the only appropriate answer, “You can waste time with your friends when your chores are done.”

Anyway, Nani dug that quote up on a fan site and was trying to get it converted to AIFF.

[Also: The South Park photo has been updated to include Bryce and Lou!]

June 11, 2002



An all new Yahoo. Frankly, I will miss all the bits of Old Yahoo that haven’t changed since the early days when I started using it. That title graphic, for example, is classic. On the other hand, the Yahoo! home page has become cluttered over the years and the redesign does look quite a bit cleaner.

TiBooks and iBooks are popping up among the blogging elite, O’Reilly is actually having a Mac OS X conference, and even Rob has purchased an iPod. Now Apple takes the battle for market share to the next level with a big new ad campaign focused on “real” people switching. (Thank goodness iCards isn’t a global nav element anymore.)

Heather Hamilton (formerly of Dooce.com) is writing again. This time it’s for The Morning News and it’s a fabulous bit about how she came to realize that her dog is capable of advanced logic.

If the Matrix wants the city of Sydney to shut down in order to shoot “the most complicated sequence ever filmed” then that’s simply what has to be done.

The group South Park photo has been updated. Keep those personas coming in and please don’t JPEG them.

Viva la Web Standards Project! (Recently relaunched and better than ever.) Also, Netscape 4.0 is five years old today. For the love of all humanity, stop supporting this browser!

June 10, 2002

Iyi Kant Exape Aykeya

Tab was here. But now she’s gone again. So alone. She says she likes our place though. Which is good. I like it too but the allergies plauge my every waking moment. And there are oodles of bugs creeping around. Doesn’t bode well for my track record of getting bitten on the face by spiders while I’m asleep. I think we’re up to four times now.

We got some shopping done. A bookshelf, a table, some stuff for the walls. I think a true test of a couple’s relationship is spending an entire afternoon in Ikea picking out furniture for the home you’re going to share. Then going back the next day to do it all over again. We did an excellent job but thank god for the little restaurant and those delicious little potatoes.

[Also: I’ll have the South Park group photo updated tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for sending yourselves in.]

June 8, 2002

My Big Fat Bed

Tabitha is reminding me right now about my bed and our need to be rid of it. I haven’t mentioned it here before because I was hoping that it would find a home through some natural channel. While there are a few possibilities still lingering, I feel it’s necessary to begin a full-scale campaign to get rid of the bed. It’s a California King and it’s in excellent shape. Only a couple years old and very well taken care of. I’m looking to sell it or trade for a Queen in comparable condition. If you know anyone who might be interested, please have them get in touch with me. Thanks.

June 7, 2002

South Parkers

We’ve started collecting South Park personas of the iWalt.com crew.

Send me a full-sized, non-compressed screenshot if you want to play.

June 5, 2002

Begun This Browser War Has

Me as a South Parker.

Mozilla 1.0 was released today. It’s a solid browser with a terrific rendering engine. Most importantly, the Gecko engine can be repurposed into more Mac OS X friendly browsers like Chimera. And AOL is using Gecko-flavored browsers in the latest releases of the AOL and CompuServe software. It may be the birth of a new browser war, but at least it will have some victors. Us.

[Later: Ah yes. Brian reminded me about posting the Blogizer screenshots. Enjoy.]

[Also: Now you can design yourself as a South Park character. Design your own and we’ll construct a little community photograph. Or don’t. =-) Whatever.]

[Finally: I was begining to think Panic was dead.]

June 4, 2002

Cereal Letdown

“I’m never trusting Harry Knowles again. He likes every damn cereal.”

Star Wars: Episode II Cereal Gets It All Wrong: It’s funny because it’s true. =-)

P.S. I don’t actually have any direct experience with the cereal. I just think that the article nails the experience of watching the prequels from an old-time Star Wars geek perspective.

June 3, 2002

Weekend Wrap-up

So yeah, long story short: I scrubbed the bathroom, washed all my clothes and dishes, took out all the trash, relaunched the store, met my folks and Art, moved three quarters of my stuff to Berkeley, went up to Santa Rosa, attended a family friend’s high school graduation party, threw the frisbee with Dad and Bowski, passed out in front of the television watching SNL, woke up and walked around the lake, lost Bowski’s fetching toy in the lake, rented and rowed a canoe with Dad and both dogs to search for the toy, finished the walk without the toy, ate lunch, drove back to San Francisco, had a massive allergy attack, packed and cleaned the rest of the apartment with Dad, brought the rest of the stuff to the new place and promptly passed out.

It’s more than safe to say that without the family involvement, I’d still be at the old place. Packing and scrubbing. Packing and scrubbing.

[Also: This entry was also brought to you by the now-feature-complete iWalt Blogizer. Tomorrow, screenshots.]

June 2, 2002

Moving and Canoeing

I’ll add more to this blog tomorrow when I’m reborn with energy. Right now I’m wiped. All my stuff has been moved to the new place. And the old place is clean as a whistle. Quite possibly cleaner than when I moved in. And somehow, in between bouts of moving, I found myself in Santa Rosa. In Spring Lake park. In a canoe. With Dad and his two dogs. Searching for something that was never to be found.

I had a great weekend. More tomorrow.

[Also: Bryce has insisted that “iWalt.com” be added to the new shirt designs and while I was planning on going another way with this series, I’m all about customer feedback and giving the people what they want. So if you like the stuff the way it is, buy it quick because soon everything will be updated.]

June 1, 2002

The Store, Reborn

The iWalt.com T-shirt

Somehow, in the midst of cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, taking out the trash, and generally getting into moving-across-the-bay mode, I managed to update the merchandise in the iWalt.com Store at CafePress. There are a bunch of new purchasables, everything is now as cheap as it gets, and there’s a funky new logo, in the style of the latest apps. Enjoy.

[Also: Once again, this blog was created with the Blogizer. It’s coming along although I’m stuck on a particularly sticky widget at the moment. If you can tell me how to get the tag of the current menu item of a popup button inside a tab view where the event is clicking a button in the same tab, drop me an e-mail, please.]

[Tomorrow: Or I guess, later today, is a big day. Large, heavy things will be lugged across the bay and my current appartment will be on display to prospective replacements. It’s going to be a bumpy weekend.]

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