June 21, 2002


When the gang at 37signals gets pissed at the inept and worthless interfaces and experiences they encounter on the web, do they whine and moan and develop expensive reports to justify their whining and moaning? No. They do the opposite. They do something creative. Something beautiful. Something smart. Last time they suggested a redesign for FedEx’s shipping interface. Now, they’re rethinking the whole concept of automotive web sites and the role of telematics in adding value to such sites. In the process, they’ve created something pretty darn cool.

[Also: There are two new features in the iWalt.com Sidebar. In addition to browsing my bookmarks and the most recently updated weblogs from Weblogs.com, you can now browse the top 40 links generated by Daypop and Blogdex. Check it out by installing the Sidebar from the Links page.]

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Nick Runco

can you believe that idiot nielsen actaully said that the standard components in flash mx are a way so flash designers will finally stop making their own scroll bars? that really chaps my hide.

Mark Shewmaker

Did you notice that they did work on FastWeb?

Walt Dickinson

You mean this FastWeb? It’s nice-looking, they have a nice style to their work. But that tool sucks! “Click on any link on this page to be taken to a login page where we won’t give you any useful information but we will take your e-mail address and (if you don’t mind of course) sell it to a bunch of companies who will spam you into oblivion.” =-)