June 5, 2002

Begun This Browser War Has

Me as a South Parker.

Mozilla 1.0 was released today. It’s a solid browser with a terrific rendering engine. Most importantly, the Gecko engine can be repurposed into more Mac OS X friendly browsers like Chimera. And AOL is using Gecko-flavored browsers in the latest releases of the AOL and CompuServe software. It may be the birth of a new browser war, but at least it will have some victors. Us.

[Later: Ah yes. Brian reminded me about posting the Blogizer screenshots. Enjoy.]

[Also: Now you can design yourself as a South Park character. Design your own and we’ll construct a little community photograph. Or don’t. =-) Whatever.]

[Finally: I was begining to think Panic was dead.]

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Brian Poulsen

uhm .. I was looking forward to the screenshot of blogizer .. what happened to it ? =D

Brian Poulsen

Walt .. .Damn that is hella nice =D Maybe I should look into Cocoa and do some apps for OS X myself ;)

Jessyca Wallace

he he, walt rules!

Walt Dickinson

It was exhibiting some strange behavior earlier tonight but for the most part it works great and just needs a little tweaking to function smoothly. Glad everyone likes it. =-)

Nick Runco

you should amke it a configureable product t work with other people’s mysql/php based sites. the more abstract the better - then you can sell it for like $20 a pop. or be philathropic and give it a way - but see if zeldman will mention you.

Walt Dickinson

It would probably be easy to make it work with other people’s APIs… the Blogger API for example. But since independent weblogs (like this one) use different conventions (like having a subject line) it would be difficult to adapt it to work with just anyone’s PHP/MySQL-based sites. It is a pretty good start at being abstract though since it communicates using XML-RPC.

Scott Yager

How did you save your South Park character?

Walt Dickinson

I just captured the screen image to a file and edited that. I don’t think there’s any way to directly save your character.

Jessyca Wallace

Let’s see how slick Walt’s Blog program REALLY is :-) I’m bettin’ on this pic displaying correctly, btw.