June 14, 2002


There’s a fire in the building next door. Market Street is closed for about two blocks east of us. Here’s a shot of the street and the trucks. And a close up.

[Update: Here’s the scoop. Something was on fire between the Four Seasons Hotel and the building next door. The firemen were having trouble getting at it but apparently they’ve managed to put it out. Crisis averted. The day is saved.]

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Reed Dickinson

Forget CNN. iWalt.com is on the scene first. And you don’t have to see all the other (bad) news.

Brian Poulsen

wow … How far from your apartment was the fire ?

Walt Dickinson

It was a couple buildings down from where I work. I live (and lived) pretty far away. It might have gotten really bad if they hadn’t put it out so quickly but since they did it was no big deal. Except for having to shut down a very busy street for two blocks.