June 24, 2002

Greetings From Maui

Hey all. Hope everything is well with everyone. I’m in shorts and sandles this week. Trying to avoid sunburns and get in a bunch of snorkling. First day here: thin, deep, two inch cut on the bottom of my right foot. =-) Hoping that heals up soon. But since I use my feet quite often… Tomorrow: hiking, more beautiful sunsets, and definitely more snorkling.

[Hmm: Just realized I have no way to check any of my mail accounts at the moment. If you’ve left me an e-mail, I probably won’t get it until I get back but I may check in here again.]

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Brian Poulsen

“Trying to avoid sunburns”.. I should have thought of that this weekend heh. Saturday I was at the race track for some 7 hours with not a single cloud on the sky. Result = blisters on my cheeks and my chin.. Not cool at all. So I’ve been mass abusing Aftersun lotion with alo vera in it hehe. Anyways I hope you enjoy your vacation ;)

Jessyca Wallace
Jessyca Wallace

Not that you should check it…enjoy your vacation!!!!!!

Brian Poulsen

Walt, you can check mac.com mail on iloveapple.com ;)

Nick Runco

or webmail.mac.com

Brian Poulsen

walt, how do you post blog entries from Maui ? mobile phone and powerbook ? =)

Walt Dickinson

I’m in an internet cafe. They charge by the minute. So I’ll be brief. =-) I can’t check my e-mail because I change my passwords pretty regular to strings of random characters and rely on my keychain to remember them for me. =-)