June 16, 2002


Sneezy Walt

The weekends just kill me in terms of allergy attacks. Usually I can make it through the week by spending most of the day in San Francisco in an air conditioned office. Spending the majority of the evening and night indoor helps also. Usually just a few sniffs, sneezes and itchy eyes. Weekends are another matter. No safety of the office or the City. Just an entire atmosphere of swirling dust, pollen and pet fur raining down on me for 48 solid hours. I need a head-mounted air purifier. That would work.

This weekend I spent the sneezing time with the family up in Santa Rosa. Celebrating Father’s Day, watching World Cup soccer, seeing a couple movies… Zoolander and Vanilla Sky were both decent movies. I’d kinda like to see them again one of these days.

The only thing worth linking to this reletively quiet weekend is the official World Cup website, hosted by Yahoo. The U.S. v. Mexico game is being broadcasted through their MatchCast system tonight.

[Update: The U.S. team is currently up by one point. I’m going to bed.]

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Nick Runco

the phonetic recreation of a sneeze was the best part of the post.

Jessyca Wallace

ummm…have you ever heard of antihistimines? i hear they’re a new-fangled symptom-reliever of allergies…you can even buy them over-the-counter at most drug stores…

Rachelle Bowden

walt, im on claritin d and love it.. it’s a life saver. and with our insurance you can go to an allergist without a referral. in san diego we had one across the street from our office i used to go to for my allergies and asthma

Walt Dickinson

Yeah, I need to do something. Especially on the weekends. I felt like crap today.

Jessyca Wallace

I’m sorry you don’t feel good on the weekends…I highly recommend looking into antihistimines. You can get a great prescription from your doctor or you can get some minor relief from the drugstore. If you go the drugstore route, try Non-drowsy Benadryl. I use 24-hr Allegra.

Walt Dickinson

I’m thinking about trying simple over-the-counter stuff first. I don’t want to risk any of those nasty-sounding side-effects.

Rachelle Bowden

I have more nasty side-effects when I take OTC stuff than the prescription. I hate taking Benadryl. I’d almost rather suffer.

Walt Dickinson

Why? What does Benadryl do to you?

Rachelle Bowden

i love the photo you added :)

benadryl makes me sleepy. very. like fall-alseep-on-a-date-while-youre-watching-a-live-band sleepy. and sometimes dizzy. and another OTC.. maybe Sudafed? does the opposite. It makes my heart race. But it depends on the person. I love claritin, but I’ve heard other people say they cant take it for various reasons. You just have to go in and talk to an allergist and find out what works best for you. It’s trial and error. It took me a long time to find the best solution for me.