June 29, 2002

Home Soon

We’ve had a great trip but we’re packing it all up tomorrow and heading back to our respective homes. Lots of good photos to share once we’re back and some good stories. (I was chased around a little bay by some psychotic-looking fish today.) Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekends. I’m looking forward to getting home and (hopefully) jumping on the DSL to read what everyone’s been writing.

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Brian Poulsen

Hope you had a nice vacation. I’m looking forward to those pictures you took. What camera do you have anyways ? And I see where the time tag and amount of comments an entry has it writes @586 which I asume is the size of the total blog entry in bytes or something. Who do you make it write that ? Some kind of MySQL function ? Or do you just count the number of characters in a string ?

Nick Runco

just for speed… walt said it was swatch internet time.

Walt Dickinson

Brian I’ve got a Canon Powershot S30. I like it quite a bit and recommend it highly. Swatch Internet Time is sort of an outdated (pardon the pseudo-pun) attempt at creating a new time standard for the internet. I don’t know why it’s part of my timestamps. I guess I just like the idea.