June 19, 2002


Brian has started conceiving his own Mozilla/Netscape Sidebar. Awesome. (And he listens to DigitallyImported. Nice.) I’ll be interested to see where he goes with his Sidebar. Last night I finally patched some bugs on my Sidebar. The sorting is more accurate now and it’s more intelligent about finding matching sites at Weblogs.Com. I also added a new feature which displays all the fresh weblogs so you can now toggle between my list of links and Weblogs.Com’s.

This is giving me an interesting idea. If Brian and I both made our link lists available in some sort of XML syndication format, then we could both include the other’s list of links in our Sidebars. And if everyone with a list of favorite links did that… well you get the idea.

[Also: Doc Searls is pointing to a great idea on how to use the Google API to add value to weblogs.]

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Brian Poulsen

hey walt. Yeah man Digitally Imported r0x. And it would be pretty neat to somehow sync the two sidebars. I asume your’s is also MySQL ? I’m not into XML at all. Maybe I should start learning XML. It seems like I haven’t had the need for it. Or maybe it’s just beause I haven’t figured out what exactly XML is useful for hehe. I know it’s something to do with sharing data or something ? ;)

Brian Poulsen

and ohh … Sorry the layout has a recemblence to your sidebar =/ It looks cool and I actually just intergrated my style sheet from fuz.dk heh

Walt Dickinson

Hey I don’t care if it looks similar. I’m just happy someone else actually finds this stuff interesting and is doing a similar project. =-)

Brian Poulsen

hehe I think stuff like that is fun to mess with. Now I just gotta find money and buy a book about Cocoa ;) Ahh well .. Tonight I’m going to Germany for the Formula One Grand Prix at N?rburgring !! Damn that’s gonna rock !!

Nick Runco

hey brian - take some pictures if you can.

Brian Poulsen

Nick - I bought a digital cam just because of that trip. It’s a Minolata S-404 - 4 million pixels and 4 x optic zoom ;) I got a ricoh cam with a tele lense as well. I’m bringing that too. I’ll have to borrow my fathers scanner to get the pictures online though ;) I’ll be back monday. I’ll post a link to my iDisk with the pictures on it when I return ;)

Nick Runco