July 1, 2002

And… we’re back.

A hundred and nine email messages.

Yeah, one hundred and nine email messages. It’s mostly junk mail but I got a ton of stock tips, a slew of “enhancement” offers, a zillion opportunities to list iWalt.com on a variety of search engines, and dozens of other friendly messages from people and organizations I pray I never hear from again. And I got a couple of actual messages from friendly folk like you. =-)

Delightfully, I got home and found that instead of the DSL being activated as EarthLink had indicated it should be, my phone line had gone dead. A couple of calls to PacBell magically righted the situation and after a brief negotiation between the PowerBook, the router, the DSL modem, and the PPPoE server, I’m happily back up and running. Now coming to you live from Berkeley.

First stop was Apple’s Movie Trailers where I happily watched the Star Trek Nemesis and The Two Towers trailers. Very nice.

[Tidbits: Kottke, fresh off his upgrade to MovableType, has made some changes to his blog. It looks nice. Speaking of MovableType, Todd Dominey points out the improvements in the new version as well as the freshly redesigned site. Rachelle has joined the slew of friends who have recently purchased a Canon digital camera. I highly recommend them and everyone I know who’s bought one would (I think) agree. Both Rachelle and Jessyca are blogging about the “Under God” issue. I say take it out. And while you’re at it, quit printing “In God We Trust” on the money. Yeesh.]

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Rachelle Bowden

Walt… the second “e” is very important.. rachellE

If you read the article I linked to it says that the “In God We Trust” line was added to money about the same time “Under God” was added to The Pledge

Walt Dickinson

Sorry, I know it’s supposed to be there. Just a typo. Fixed. Also, yeah, I’ve been meaning to read that whole story.

Brian Poulsen

Walt, I have a small advise for you regarding random junk/spam mail. I used to run a graphics site. And at times I would get some 70 mails each day. They often offer you to push a link to get erased from their database. Funny how most of those links actually don’t work, and they often just add you to more databases it seems. Anyways. I started to get pissed over all those retarded mails and what I did was, I send the mail back to the author incl. message, and then I just added, root, postmaster, ceo, and admin to the CC field. I know it’s a lot of work but it helps. within 2 weeks I was down to under 25 mails each day ;)

Rachelle Bowden

dude, i got my camera this morning. it rulz! now i have to figure out the settings to take good fireworks photos!

Walt Dickinson

Brian I agree that “unsubscribing” usually results in more messages rather than few. I’m hoping that Apple’s forthcoming Mail upgrade with it’s built-in spam detection features will solve my inbox woes.